Help make the data fly around the world, help people find us through our affiliate program.

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New affiliate partners:

  1. Create an account on Aviation-Edge Register here
  2. We will send you login information to your dashboard
  3. Go to the “creatives” tab and you will find your link and other promotional material
  4. Send traffic to our pages using the available “creatives”
  5. Earn a competitive commission for your effort

When a new visitor comes to our website through your link and places a purchase within the next 30 days you will receive 30% recurring commission of that person’s credited amount for the entire period that they are subscribed to Aviation-Edge

More than 70% of our initial buyers are recurring customers month after month, using our subscription to receive the constantly updated information of our database through our APIs.

By becoming an Affiliate, you agree to the Affiliate Program Terms.

What to do

You can choose to copy the referral page on your dashboard and paste it on your website under a direct link or by using our banners or logos which you can also find on your dashboard under “creatives”.

See our Do’s and Don’t’s for advice on the best way to implement the link on your website.


  • Make an SEO friendly post on your blog or a guest post on a different blog. Write about your area of interest related to our service.
  • You could promote on a large range of platforms where you feel the audience matches our service. For example your site, in a post, on a sidebar widget or even a tweet on Twitter. You could also refer to use from aviation developer forums for example.
  • Or use our banners to create targeted banner ads. You can download each of our banners here. *LINK TBA*
  • Make sure that your page or site is unique in its design and won’t confuse anyone about your purpose as an affiliate of ours.


  • Confuse clients with the design of your site. For example by copying our site design or that of others. Don’t use our logos other than the prescribed affiliate banners.
    Link from any other websites owned or operated by Aviation-Edge in order to gain referrals.
  • Use Aviation-Edge brands, trademarks and intellectual property aside from the logos and banners approved by Aviation-Edge on your dashboard under “creatives”.
  • Purchase a domain name, pay-per-click advertisement, search engine keyword which contains any Aviation-Edge trademarks or misspellings and variations.
    Copy any text from our website.
  • Send to potential clients unsolicited email or any form of messaging that can be seen as spam.
  • Breach any laws including, but not limited to, privacy, intellectual property, and spam.
  • Develop your link in an unfair manner. For example, things like fraud, confusing the new customer or providing a link designed to mislead the customer.
  • Promote with methods of bad SEO such as forum spam or comment spam and the likes.