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We are proud to be the fastest growing aviation database provider! We gather our data from hundreds of official sources as well as our trusted partners in aviation industry. As the new information is gathered, adjustments are made both automatically and manually to make sure every piece of data available is included. 

Our databases are categorized as airport database, aircraft database, airline database, city database, country database, aviation taxes database and timezone database. We also provide globally used standard codes such as IATA, ICAO codes and ISO-2 and ISO-3 codes which are included in the related databases. 

Each of these databases contains detailed information about the related topics. It is also possible to use the databases in combination with each other to form standalone flight database to your liking or reach a specific group of data you may need. The potential is endless!

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Airline Database

The Airlines Database is a complete database of all airlines which include IATA and ICAO-related code, codehub, call signs, country information with country codes, type and status, official name and slug name of airlines, size, fleet and founding year information as well as contact and social media information. The Airline Database is one of the leading supportive databases if you aim to build a flight database as well.

Airport Database

Our Airport Database is an all-in, detailed database of all airports in the world. All internationally used codes such as IATA and ISO codes, names and local translations (where available), longitude and latitude information, country and timezone information, routes, contact detail and many more groups of data are included in this database.

Aircraft Database

The Aircraft Database is a very large standalone database that contains publicly available information of many types of aircrafts. The data includes registration information, related ICAO and IATA codes, production information (aircraft brand, series and model, engine type, age and many more), flight data, delivery and first flight dates, status of the aircraft and more.

Cities Database

The City Database has data regarding all cities in the world in it. IATA and ISO codes, official names and local translations (where available), related timezone, geographical data, longitude and latitude information and many more can be reached through this standalone database. Widely used in developing flight database related software as well.

Countries Database

Aviation Edge Country Database includes complete data of all countries. This data includes ISO codes, official country name, name and the code of the official currency, continent info, FIPS codes, official languages, population, neighboring countries, local translation of country name, capital city and phone prefixes. You can utilize each group of data by also using it as a separate database. 

Airline Tax Codes Database

Airline Tax Codes Database is the source for aviation related taxes. It includes IATA codes of taxes and tax names which also explains the nature of the taxes.

Timezones Database

A complete database with all timezones in the world. The Timezone Database includes GMT and DST information of each time zone as well as complete ISO-2 codes.

Complete Database

A complete database of all databases seen on this page. Save up to 25% on your purchase!

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We keep our clients updated at all times. In case of major developments in the aviation databases such as new data flow or data changes, we send our Premium clients e-mails to keep them informed and make sure they are using up-to-date data. 

As the fastest growing aviation data provider, we strongly recommend using the databases by combining with the API services we provide. This method puts especially developers at an advantage because it enables to access all features straight-forward and reach the exact group of data needed. 

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The Aviation Databases are available in Excel, csv and sql formats. Another method is to connect through the API services we provide to reach flight data. You can choose the method and format that is best suitable for your work and focus on building your project with endless possibilities! 

We are always pleased to hear about our clients’ projects. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions and feedbacks you may have. Our solution-oriented team will be happy to assist you.


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