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Complete Aviation Database

Contains the complete database of airports, taxes, airlines, timezones, airplanes, benchmarking data, countries, and cities with detailed information that you need for your software.

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Examples of what the database contains:

Detailed information about the airlines such as the status and type of the airline with information about the year it was founded and the hub airport they operate from. Aside from this, the official name, ICAO and IATA code plus IATA prefix of the airline as well as the airline callsign. We also have the size and age of their fleet of airplanes when available. We also provide their Website, Twitter, and Facebook if we have this information.
Airlines entries: 13 000+

This database contains the name and translation of the airport name as well as the IATA code and which city and country it is based in with their ISO code and IATA code of the city. We also have the latitude and longitude location of airports with their Geoname ID. Lastly, the GMT offset of the timezone and a phone number when we have this available.
Airports entries: 10 000+

Contains HEX ICAO code, IATA Type, Registration number. Also has information on the product line, the plane model with the model code, IATA short and the IATA long code. It has some historical data about the plane such as the status, age, first flight, delivery date, rollout date, registration date. Related to the construction, we have the line number and test registration number and the current plane owner and airline with the IATA and ICAO code of that. The last thing we included is detailed plane information such as the seat types, how many seats and engines and engine types.
Airplanes entries: 19 000+

Name and IATA code of the city with data about the country it is in (ISO etc). Location of the city based on latitude and longitude and further locational information such as the Geoname ID and the timezone with it’s GMT offset. We include city popularity as well if we have this available.
Cities entries: 9 000+

Included in this database are the country codes like the Numeric ISO code, 2 digit ISO code and 3 digit ISO code. Name and translations of the country and the capital of the country and continent it is in are also part of this database. Finally, information about the currency such as the name and currency code is there. Also the phone prefix and FIPS code of the country.
Countries entries: 230+

Tax IDs:
Tax ID database with the description of the taxes ID.
Tax IDs entries: 520+

Timezones of regions and countries including the country 2 digit ISO code and the DST and GMT offset of the timezone in that region.
Timezone regions entries: 400+


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