The 18th Aviation Management Conference is a highly anticipated event that brings together industry experts to discuss the opportunities and challenges of incorporating digitalization into aviation processes.

This year's conference topic is ''The Journey of Transition''. This conference will showcase the opportunities and challenges in hybrid processes, considering improvements made by digitalization, drivers towards sustainability, growth accommodation, and stimulation of collaboration. During this valuable event, multiple speakers will showcase new insights about the essential actions in the roadmap to 2035 for the future growth of aviation. It is a unique conference encompassing facets about the steps required to take by 2035 in order to reach the challenging net-zero emission targets for 2050.

The Aviation Management Conference on the Journey of Transition will delve into three key pillars that are shaping the future of the aviation industry: digitalization, sustainability, and growth accommodation.

The conference will host sector professionals such as Stefanie Lotter (Vice President Global Air Fleet Planning at DHL Express), Dirk Gemke (Director Governance, Alliances, Sustainability at Air France-KLM) and Ruud Ummels (Managing Director at To70) who will attend the conference as speakers to provide valuable insight. In addition to presentations from industry experts and panel discussions, the Aviation Management Conference will also offer attendees the opportunity to network with their peers and establish valuable connections within the industry.

The event will take place on January 11th, 2023 between 10:30-17:00, in Scarabee Experience Center (Hoeksteen 131, 2132 MX at Hoofddorp, The Netherlands). Tickets are available at €20, including lunch and network drinks.

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For more information on the long-awaited 18th Aviation Management Conference, please visit the official website, or contact through social media channels of LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook.