What do we do

We collect data from hundreds of sources. Official authorities as well as other established industry partners such as airlines and airports. This data we compile in our extensive database. We’ve developed a system where we combine software as well as manual checks to assure our data is always up to date. That way Aviation-Edge can deliver accurate data to our clients in a quick and easy manner. On top of this we offer complete support all the way through your implementation process and thereafter.

Collect, Compile, Update, Deliver, Support

Created by developers for developers to build great platforms.

Price compare platforms
Booking agencies
Destination marketers
Corporate booking platforms
Tour operators

Cargo transporters

Late and delay statistics

Civil aviation authorities

Air navigation service providers
Air space management

Intelligence and statistics
Trend mapping

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There are endless uses and you wouldn’t be on this website if you didn’t already know what you wanted to use the data for. But if you feel that Aviation-Edge is missing something that we didn’t think about, feel free to reach out to us.

Now that you know about us, find out how our Premium Service can help you or read about our APIs and the endless possibilities in our blog




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