Future Flight Schedules API

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The Future Schedules API service provides flight schedule and timetable data that for future dates. The data is maintained in our central database which you can always access with your personal API key. The Future Schedules API allows you to enter a date in the future and get the whole schedule of that airport for that day. 

  • Departure and arrival airport information
  • Weekday
  • Terminal and gate
  • Take-off information
  • Aircraft details
  • Airline details
  • Flight information
Future Flight Schedules of airports API Instruction

Data Included In the Future Schedules API

Get airport arrival and departure schedules of airport timetables based on a future date.

  • Departure and arrival airport information: IATA codes
  • Weekday: The day of the week of the flight, “1” being Monday
  • Terminal and gate: The most common terminal and the gate number of the departing/arriving flight
  • Take-off information: Scheduled departure or arrival time of the flight
  • Aircraft details: Model code and text
  • Airline details: Name, IATA and ICAO codes
  • Flight information: Flight number as well as flight IATA and ICAO codes

Sources and Process

The future airport timetables and schedules are based on real-time and historical airport timetable data that come directly from airports and airlines when available. Another source of data is through our partnerships with other data providers in aviation. The data is aggregated through dedicated software which connects us with our individual partners.


Future Schedules API Output - Developer Information

All global flight information in one call:


Arrival schedule of a certain airport on a certain date:


Flights that are scheduled to arrive at a certain airport on a certain date (out of a departure schedule):


Flights that are scheduled to depart from a certain airport on a certain date (out of an arrival schedule):


Response Example

Track flights of complete airlines
[{“weekday”: “1”,
{“iataCode”: “agp”,
“icaoCode”: “lemg”,
“terminal”: “2”,
“gate”: “d61”,
“scheduledTime”: “06:50”},
{“iataCode”: “ory”,
“icaoCode”: “lfpo”,
“terminal”: “3”,
“gate”: “A”,
“scheduledTime”: “09:20”},
{“modelCode”: “a320”,
“modelText”: “airbus a320-232”},
{“name”: “vueling (vueling \u2764\ufe0f barcelona livery)”,
“iataCode”: “vy”,
“icaoCode”: “vlg”},
{“number”: “8172”,
“iataNumber”: “vy8172”,
“icaoNumber”: “vlg8172”}}]

Future Schedules API

Future Airport Schedules API: Enhancing Flight Planning and Booking

The Future Airport Schedules API provides complete airport timetable data of global airports  in .JSON format. The API is particularly useful for travel and booking agencies since it allows building apps, websites, platforms in which end-users can select a specific departure and arrival airport and date, and view available flight information based on these values. We maintain the Future Schedules API data in our central database and deem  it accessible for our clients at all times with server uptimes around 99.5%. This way, you can integrate the API into your project and focus on your core business without having to maintain or gather future airport schedule data from multiple sources.


The Future Airport Schedules API was built for developers, travel and booking agencies, flight and data analysts, airports, airlines, and hobbyists with its convenient and detailed data for every flight in a standard API response. You may use the Future Airport Schedules API to build any sort of website tool, iOS app, Android app, travel platform, software, and more. You may simply enter the specific date and get the complete schedule, or focus on a specific flight, airline or departure/arrival airport by filtering the endpoint and get this exact data without other unnecessary results. The weekday information included in the response lets you view on which days of the week the flights you are looking for operate. By using the Future Schedules API, your clients will be able to view and select flight options and use your services.

Future Airport Schedules API - Test the Data

View further developer information here or get an API key within a minute to start testing the data right away. Benefit from the trial rates, reduced specifically for testing, with prices starting at  $15  only. If your requirements are not limited to future airport schedule data, that’s fine as your API key will grant you access to  our complete list of APIs which includes Real-time and Historical Airport Schedules API, Flight Tracking API, Airline Routes API, Nearby and Autocomplete services as well as our static database APIs such as airlines, airplanes, airports, cities, countries, plane-types, taxes-ID databases and more!

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