World City Database with Latitude, Longitude & ICAO/IATA Codes

Aviation and travel related data are currently few of the major used groups of data used by developers. As Aviation Edge, we aimed to focus on aggregating all related data group in a single database. So, we created a database of all cities and regions around the globe. We aimed to come up with a filterable platform. This way, our clients can use our database as separate databases such as country city database, world cities latitude and longitude database or as a world cities list Excel table and many more. 

Latitude and longitude information as well as ICAO and IATA codes are some of the most used data developers, working in especially aviation field. The variety of the usage of these data is almost unlimited. That is why we included them in our World Cities Database in addition to root information of cities. 

ICAO City Codes

You can find the complete ICAO city codes in our database. 

City Name API - How to Make the Best Use

To make the most out of the data you obtain with our World Cities Database, we strongly recommend to use the database together with the City Name API and other API services we provide. The City Name API helps to improve the access to the needed data. This way, you can make sure you have all the data you need for development. Our purpose is to support software developer clients who aim to provide a very large scale of information to their customers with their software. 

Download Information

Aviation Edge City Database is available for download in Excel, csv or sql format to make sure you can choose the most functional way to use our data. Another method to reach the data in the database is to connect through the API services we provide. Our APIs are automatically updated as new information flows in.  

We take the actuality of our data seriously. Whenever there is a major update, we inform our Premium clients via automatically sent e-mails. We aim to make sure they are always informed. Primary focus is the convenience of our clients so they can concentrate on their projects without any concerns. 

Many of our clients download the City Database by signing up and acquiring a personal API key first. In order to see if we have the exact data you need, take a look inside and get your free sample at with no commitments. Click the button on the right!


To see if we have the exact data you need, take a look inside and get your personal API key and free sample with no commitments! Available below:

Country City Database - Discover More!

The data contained in our City Database is checked regularly and updated directly with the data we acquire from our various sources. For the data that can't be gathered via official sources, we make sure the missing data is included in the database by using publicly accessible information. 

The data we provide in the City Database include: 

  • 1
    Basic information about a city/region
  • 2
    Location data
  • 3
    Translations of the city names

Basic information about a city/region : the full name, IATA code of the city, ISO-2 of the related country, 

Location datalatitude and longitude info as well as time zone, GMT offset and Geoname ID, 

Translations of the city names: into local languages (many languages are supported and expanding).


Please feel free to contact us if you need further assistance. We make sure to find a one-on-one solution to our clients’ requests. As the fastest growing aviation data provider, we are always expanding the variety and the amount of data we provide.