European Airport Database and Navigation API for Air Transportation

European Airport Database It would not be wrong to say that Europe is the heart of airport transportation. On a typical peak-season day there are around a staggering 30,000 flights across European airspace. Yes, in a single day! Furthermore, these aircraft fly a total of 25 million nautical miles of distance. That would be nearly 1000 times around the Earth! Or 104 trips to the Moon. All in a single day! This means, pretty much…


Looking for a Flight API?

Looking for a Flight API? – Find The Best Choice For You Are you looking for a flight API to build your app? Are you looking for reliable data, easy access and affordable prices? We’d love to support you and have you as our Premium client! When it comes to Flight API, there is not one single API that will “rule them all”. The best possible option for you simply depends on the features of…


Substitute for Google Flights API

The Best Substitute for Google Flight API Google Flight API is the useful tool we all find likable and trust-worthy that allows searching flights by date, departure or arrival points, airlines and other details. It also lets users compare prices, dates and times which makes it a pretty convenient tool for booking software. Especially when you combine it with other travel APIs for booking accommodation and airport transfer, it is the "whole package". That is…


Flight Search API for India

Flight Search API for India India has been the recent shining star of aviation industry with its continuous growth and crowded air traffic. Being one of the main commerce routes in Asia, flight density and the importance of flight tracking is at its best. As of 2019, there are a total of 134 airports in India, including both international and domestic airports. Along with these impressive numbers, a lot of industries are in close watch…


Flight Delay API and JSON Flights Delay Data

Flight Delay API and JSON Flights Delay Data Flight delay API is in demand by many types of businesses. Especially with claims for flight delays, this type of data at hand is a must. Our Flights Tracker API, as well as the Timetables API is here to provide you with this exact type of data. Easy to use, many parameters available for easy filtering, great up-times, comes with excellent customer support.. All included! Click the…


Flight Distance API

Flight Distance API Whether you are a bigger-scale company or an independent developer, if you are enthusiastic about aviation as we are, there are countless ways you can use our data. One of the purposes on the rise for flight data is creating a "flight distance API". For this purpose, clients use the raw data we provide and calculate the distance between two or more live flights, at a given time. It is also possible…


Flight Search API with Actual Data

Flight Search API with Actual Data Live flight tracking is one of the most beneficial and popular features of big data of our time. Every business and person who is in any way related to or interested in aviation uses aviation big data for growth in their businesses or for pure entertainment. The Flight Search API (a.k.a the Flight Tracker API) of Aviation Edge makes live flight tracking possible. We provide our clients with all…


The Biggest Airlines in the World

The Biggest Airlines in the World No doubt that the aviation industry is growing rapidly. The demand for airline transport for both tourism and for commercial purposes is at its peak point. As of 2018, the  number of passengers who prefer airway transportation has increased 8 times compared to the past 40 years. In other words, the demand has increased a staggering 700%!  But how do airlines cope with the demand? What do they do…


Air Traffic Map Database and API

Air Traffic Map Database and API We see a lot of air traffic maps all over the internet. It is an interesting way to attract internet users to your web site which can later on become your possible customers. An air traffic map basically shows flights all over the world, all live. It is interesting concept to visualize such a massive data bu the trickiest part is to keep actual non-stop.  Let’s say you do want to attract all sorts of internet users; travelers, aviation enthusiasts,…

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