World City Database With Latitude, Longitude & ICAO/IATA Codes

The Country Database provided by Aviation Edge contains all countries and regions around the globe. Country information database is a simple and time-saving, filterable platform to access internationally used country information. 

We acquire our data from official sources as well as our trusted partners in aviation industry. Then, we gather all publicly accessible data together in a single, all-in database. We also collect newly available information as well and maintain it. This way we make sure our clients do not have any concerns when using our data and are able to focus on building their projects only. 

Whether you are a developerworking on any kind of project that aims providing international information, own a business related to aviation, trade, consultancy, logistics... or simply into having at hand all data there is about all of the countries around the globe, our very detailed and affordable Country Database is ready for download, now! 

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Filtering the information contained in the World Countries Database is possible. Therefore, you can filter your database into a separate country codes database, world countries database or country information database should you need to work on a specific kind of data. This saves both time and allows especially the developers to work on a plain interface.

Country Codes Database - Download Information

Country database download is available in Excel, csv or sql format and can be also reached by connecting through the API services provided by Aviation Edge.  

You can access the airport database example (free sample) and see for sure whether we have the data you need. This way, you can decide either to download in supported formats or use the API services too. Click the button on the right and make sure you do not miss the huge, limited-time offer!

We can confidently say that we are the fastest developing aviation data provider with our massive database. We focus on offering our clients to use our data in their software the best beneficial and easy way possible. For that, our priority is to keep our data actual at all times.


To see if we have the exact data you need, take a look inside and get your free sample with no commitments! Available below:

The information contained in our Country Database includes: 

  • 1
    Basic information of country
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
    Additional country data


We are always interested in hearing about our clients' project and exchange ideas. We make sure to offer every question a one-on-one solution.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions you may have and let us be your solution partner in your aviation data needs.

Basic information of country: the full official name and the country name translation into the local language (many languages are supported and constantly expanding)

Currency data: the name and the international code of the local currency, 

Location data: continent, capital city and neighboring country information database, 

Additional country data: the prefix of phone numbers, population and official languages spoken. 

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