Historical Flight Schedules API with Cancellation and Delay Data

Flight status might be the most important and the most widely used type of data among aviation data. This is mostly due it’s field of usage. Keeping passengers up-to-date about their flight status is one of the key aspects of hospitality and compensation claim services.

This means that the data in order to develop apps to support these services requires data in both ways: historical and real-time.

Luckily, Aviation Edge has both but we will be focusing on Historical Flight Schedules API in this article.

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We’ve all heard of passengers becoming eligible for a compensation up to 600 Euros in case of a cancelled flight. This passenger-friendly right is currently applicable for EU/UK flights. The applicable regulation, in short, regulates passenger rights in case of denied boarding and cancellation or long delay of flights. As a result, businesses in claim support field are in need of accurate cancellation and delay data that spreads to a wide span of timeline. This way, they are successfully able to offer their customers a correct approach for their claims of a flight compensation.

Where to get flight cancellation and delay data?

All this brings the question “Where can I get historical cancellation and delay data” to developers’ minds. If you are one, a fully aggregated historical airport schedule data including delays and cancellations might be all you need. We’ve built our Historical Flight Schedules API in a way that is very easy to use with the most efficient data structure. The uptimes are of the highest ones in the market while the data is reliable with many filters to help you get exactly what you are looking for.

An example for a standard response is as follows:
{"name":"Air Baltic",
{"name":"Air Malta",

Endpoint used:

GET http://aviation-edge.com/v2/public/flightsHistory?key=[API_KEY]&code=LGW&type=arrival&date_from=2020-07-18&flight_number=[6079]

You may use the following endpoint for all cancelled flights of this schedule:

GET http://aviation-edge.com/v2/public/flightsHistory?key=[API_KEY]&code=LGW&type=arrival&date_from=YYYY-MM-DD&status=cancelled

{"name":"Turkish Airlines",

Endpoint used:

GET http://aviation-edge.com/v2/public/flightsHistory?key=[API_KEY]&code=LGW&type=arrival&date_from=2020-07-18&flight_number=[1981]

For all delayed flights of this schedule, you may retrieve the whole schedule and filter on your end.

GET http://aviation-edge.com/v2/public/flightsHistory?key=[API_KEY]&code=LGW&type=arrival&date_from=YYYY-MM-DD

Filter the Data with Historical Airport Schedules API

The API filters are very suitable especially for flight compensation claim businesses. It allows filtering based on a specific status which can be cancelled or delayed among many others. The Historical Airport Schedules API also allows pulling data based on a specific date or a date range in the past, making sure you receive all you need in a single API call. For delayed flights, not only the status but also the delay amount by minute is available. It is possible to filter for a specific airline or a flight as well. All for our clients’ convenience.

Filters and endpoints available for the Historical Airport Schedules API in examples:

For the departure timetable of a certain airport on a certain date.
GET http://aviation-edge.com/v2/public/flightsHistory?key=[API_KEY]&code=JFK&type=departure&date_from=YYYY-MM-DD

For the arrival timetable of a certain airport on a certain date.
GET http://aviation-edge.com/v2/public/flightsHistory?key=[API_KEY]&code=JFK&type=arrival&date_from=YYYY-MM-DD

For the timetable of a certain airport of a certain date range (also available for arrival).
GET http://aviation-edge.com/v2/public/flightsHistory?key=[API_KEY]&code=JFK&type=departure&date_from=YYYY-MM-DD&date_to=YYYY-MM-DD

For the timetable of a certain airport on a certain date (or range) but only flights with a certain status.
GET http://aviation-edge.com/v2/public/flightsHistory?key=[API_KEY]&code=JFK&type=arrival&date_from=YYYY-MM-DD&date_to=YYYY-MM-DD&status=cancelled

For tracking individual historical flights.
GET http://aviation-edge.com/v2/public/flightsHistory?key=[API_KEY]&code=JFK&type=departure&date_from=YYYY-MM-DD&date_to=YYYY-MM-DD&flight_number=[1234]

For filtering the flights of a certain airline from the arrival timetable of a certain airport on a certain date (also available for departure timetable and as a date range).
GET http://aviation-edge.com/v2/public/flightsHistory?key=[API_KEY]&code=JFK&type=arrival&date_from=YYYY-MM-DD&&airline_iata=TK

Available API Filters:

  • &type=departure or arrival
  • &date_from=YYYY-MM-DD
  • &date_to=YYYY-MM-DD
  • &iata_code=JFK
  • &status=landed, cancelled, unknown,
  • &airline_iata=U2
  • &flight_number=8670

Status can be: (landed, cancelled, unknown)

Delay amount is included in minutes if a flight was delayed at the date.

The maximum date range can be 30 days.

The historical data starts from May 2020.

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