Aviation Edge API for Developers

Our database is divided between static and dynamic data. Static data is that what does not frequently change but due to the massive size of our database, there are constant updates. Think about airport and airline information. The dynamic data is that what changes more frequently or uses our software to turn it into useful tools. Think about flight tracking and airport timetables.

It’s a REST API so depending on the development language you use, you can find the suitable method to develop it. A way to try the API is by getting your free API key and then testing it on our testing page.


You can find the examples of each endpoint below. The layout of the GET requests are as follows:
For an entire dataset, when available:
https://aviation-edge.com/v2/public/[ENDPOINT]?key=[API KEY]
For specific string value information:
https://aviation-edge.com/v2/public/[ENDPOINT]?key=[API KEY]&[STRING]=[VALUE]

For further information:
The Software Development Kit (SDK) on our Github.
REST/JSON in Android, follow this tutorial.

  • FlightS Tracker API
  • Airport timetables api
  • Airline Routes API
  • NearBy API
  • Autocomplete API
  • Satellite Tracker apı

Satellite Tracking


All on-orbit satellite information in one call:
GET http://aviation-edge.com/v2/public/satelliteDetails?key=[API_KEY]&limit=30000

Individual satellites based on NORAD number:
GET http://aviation-edge.com/v2/public/satelliteDetails?key=[API_KEY]&code=408

Satellites based on launch year:
GET http://aviation-edge.com/v2/public/satelliteDetails?key=[API_KEY]&launchYear=1961

Individual satellites based on international designator (NSSDC ID) number:
GET http://aviation-edge.com/v2/public/satelliteDetails?key=[API_KEY]&intldes=1961-015EH

Filtering based on orbital apogee and perigee
GET http://aviation-edge.com/v2/public/satelliteDetails?key=[API_KEY]&orbitalapogee=1035
GET http://aviation-edge.com/v2/public/satelliteDetails?key=[API_KEY]&orbitalperigee=939


"idLaunchPiece":"EH ",
"tle1":"1 408U 61015EH 20129.79820524 -.00000021 +00000-0 +54301-4 0 9997",
"tle2":"2 408 066.7883 021.7828 0070545 199.3274 220.5694 13.74946678998881",

  • Airports
  • Airlines
  • Airplanes
  • Cities
  • Countries
  • Taxes
  • Aircraft Types

Aircraft types Database

For the entire database of Aircraft types.
GET https://aviation-edge.com/v2/public/planeTypeDatabase?key=[API_KEY]

For information about a specific Aircraft type, input the IATA code.
GET https://aviation-edge.com/v2/public/planeTypeDatabase?key=[API_KEY]&codeIataAircraft=100



"planeTypeId": "100",
"nameAircraft": "Boeing 767-200 Freighter",
"codeIataAircraft": "76X"
"planeTypeId": "101",
"nameAircraft": "Boeing 767-300 Freighter",
"codeIataAircraft": "76Y"
"planeTypeId": "102",
"nameAircraft": "Boeing 777-200/200ER",
"codeIataAircraft": "772"
{ "planeTypeId": "103",
"nameAircraft": "Boeing 777-300",
"codeIataAircraft": "773"
{ "planeTypeId": "104",
"nameAircraft": "Boeing 777",
"codeIataAircraft": "777"
"planeTypeId": "105",
"nameAircraft": "Boeing 777-200LR",
"codeIataAircraft": "77L"
"planeTypeId": "106",
"nameAircraft": "Boeing 777-300ER",
"codeIataAircraft": "77W"
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