Aircraft Database with Specifications & ICAO/IATA Codes, Historic Data 

Functionality of an aircraft may depend on its current specifications. Old or new, small or big, commercial or private, knowing the details of an aircraft is essential to provide an aviation solution. 

For businesses related to aviation, every kind of aircraft data can be at great value because the features of an aircraft can affect the quality of services provided to the end-user. That is why it is very beneficial to have actualized and detailed aircraft data to build up a quality system. Aviation Edge Aircraft Database contains detailed many types of aircraft data that can be of use to any developer. 

The Aircraft Database is essentially used for flight tracking and by our clients in software development business. The large variety of the data enables especially developers to save both on time and cost. You won’t have to aggregate data from many hard to reach sources and doubt its reliability anymore! On top of that, we have also developed a software which our clients can control the validity of data where possible.

Download Information

The Aircraft Database download is available in Excel, csv or sql formats to make sure you can choose the most functional option for you. You can also reach the database through the API services we provide. We are constantly gathering new data and expanding our database.  

We take the actuality of our data seriously. Whenever there is a major update, we inform our clients via automatically sent e-mails and make sure they are always informed. We focus on the convenience of our clients so they can concentrate on their projects without any concerns about the data. 


To see if we have the exact data you need, take a look inside and get your free sample with no commitments! Available below:

Our sources:

We believe the actuality of our data is the key. We gather our data from official sources such as FAA, public aircraft registries, IATA, ICAO or directly from the airlines and manufacturers, wholesalers and our many trusted partners in aviation industry.  

Data in our Aircraft Database includes: 

  • 1
    Airplane ID which is the internal aircraft IDs of Aviation Edge as well as aircraft tail numbers database, 
  • 2
    Registration data which includes registration number, registration date, registration test number,  
  • 3
    Aircraft codes which include IATA codes (short and long version), ICAO codes, model codes, 
  • 4
    Aircraft production and historical data such as production line, construction and line number, series of the aircraft, engine type and count, aircraft age, seats and more,  
  • 5