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The Flight Delay API service provides historical flight schedule and timetables data of all airports and airlines around the world. We maintain the data in our central database and make sure you can fully access it with your personal API key anytime, with the highest uptime rates in the market.

Aviation Edge Flight Delay API includes historical cancellations and delays of flights worldwide. This is especially a core feature for flight claim businesses to determine whether a passenger is eligible for compensation. With our data, your app/software can easily determine whether a cancellation or delay is eligible for compensation within the scope of Regulation (EC) No 261/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 11 February 2004 or any applicable law. Make sure your customers meet solutions for flight delays and cancellations right away and keep on expanding your business with our reliable, fast, easy-to-use APIs.

Our flight cancellation and delay data comes in both real-time and historical manner with two separate APIs, making it very easy for developers to access the exact data they need, spot-on. You can build an app to track cancellations or flight as they happen or use the data to determine if they took place in the past. All this and more are fully accesible with a single API key assigned just for you. We gather and maintain the data with workable format and structure for the best experience for our clients. This way, you can focus on your business and offer the most time and cost efficient solutions to your customers


Data Included In Our Flight Delay API Including Historical Cancellations and Delays (Historical Airport Schedules API)

Get historical airport arrival and departure schedules of airports and individual flights. Information includes delays and cancellations.

  • Status of the flight: active, scheduled, landed, cancelled, incident, diverted, redirected.
  • Location: departure/arrival: Airport IATA code, ICAO code, Terminal, Gate.
  • Take-off information: delay, the scheduled, estimated and actual time on runway and that of departure/arrival.
  • Airline: Name, IATA code and ICAO code.
  • Flight: Number of Flight, IATA prefix with flight number and ICAO prefix with flight number.

Sources and Process

We receive the data from our multiple, trusted data partners around the world. The data is aggregated through dedicated software which connects us with our individual partners. This way, the data is always accessible with very high uptimes.

Flight Delay API Output - Developer Information

For the departure schedule of a certain airport on a certain date.

For the arrival schedule of a certain airport on a certain date.

For the schedule of a certain airport of a certain date range (also available for arrival).

For the schedule of a certain airport on a certain date (or range) but only flights with a certain status.

For tracking individual historical flights.

For filtering the flights of a certain airline from the arrival schedule of a certain airport on a certain date (also available for departure schedules and as a date range).

Status can be: "active" (for departure schedules only), "landed" (for arrival schedules only), "cancelled", "unknown"
Delay amount is included in minutes if a flight was delayed at the date.
The maximum date range can be 30 days.
The historical data starts from 14 May 2020.

Response example

A landed flight with delay
A cancelled flight
{"name":"Air Baltic",
{"name":"Air Malta",


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