Flight Radar and Flight Tracker API

Get your Global Flight Tracker data with our API

Aviation Edge Flight Tracker API provides detailed data on live, airborne flights. The data is aggregated from our various data partners around the world and presented to our clients through Flight Radar API.

  • Geography
  • Speed
  • Departure and arrival
  • Aircraft and flight
  • Airline
  • System information
Air Traffic API instruction

Data included in the Flight Status API

Get all global flight information in 1 API call or track individual flights. You can also call all flights based on a single Airline or base it on the departure or arrival Airport.

  • Geography: Location information such as latitude, longitude, altitude and direction.
  • Speed: Vertical and horizontal speed of aircraft.
  • Departure and arrival: IATA codes and ICAO codes of the departure and arrival location.
  • Aircraft and flight: IATA and ICAO number of flight and registration number, ICAO code and ICAO24 code of aircraft.
  • Airline: IATA code and ICAO code of airline.
  • System information: Squawk, status and last updated.

Sources and Process

  • Flight Tracking data is collected through hundreds of aviation partners and aggregated into our database, ready to be used by you with our API. The data is live, with updates every minute.
  • Aviation Edge’s function is to gather and maintain the complete aviation data for you, our client so that you can create the tools for your customers.

Flight Tracker API Output - Developer Information

Flight tracker and status API map

All live flights in a single API call:


All flights with a certain status:


Individual flight based on IATA number:


Airline based flights:


Airport departure based flights:


Airport arrival based flights:


Response Example

Track status of individual flights
Track flights of complete airlines
Track flight status based on departure airport
Track arriving flight status

“aircraft”: {
“iataCode”: “A321”,
“icao24”: “A77F2D”,
“icaoCode”: “A321”,
“regNumber”: “N582UW”
“airline”: {
“iataCode”: “AA”,
“icaoCode”: “AAL”
“arrival”: {
“iataCode”: “PHX”,
“icaoCode”: “KPHX”
“departure”: {
“iataCode”: “MIA”,
“icaoCode”: “KMIA”
“flight”: {
“iataNumber”: “AA1983”,
“icaoNumber”: “AAL1983”,
“number”: “1983”
“geography”: {
“altitude”: 2903.22,
“direction”: 337,
“latitude”: 33.1494,
“longitude”: -111.605
“speed”: {
“horizontal”: 464.852,
“isGround”: false,
“vspeed”: 0
“status”: “en-route”,
“system”: {
“squawk”: null,
“updated”: 1718380643

The Flight Tracker API – The Innovative Way of Information in Aviation

The Value of Flight Data in the Aviation Industry

The growth in aviation industry as well as its increase in global revenue for the last decade is undeniable. Airway transportation in terms of both passenger transportation and freight of goods is preferred now more than ever. That is because it provides a very fast and safe transportation method. Businesses associated with aviation have increased massively as well in order to benefit from the time and costs advantages.


Today, enterprise owners and individuals in all areas including airport businesses, aviation consultants, small and large scale aircraft operators, insurance companies, aircraft leasing companies, travel agencies, tour operators, software developers, all businesses which use airway freight for delivering goods are in crucial need of flight data and therefore flight tracker APIs. It needs to be accurate, fast and real-time. This kind of information is critical in order to conduct a stable and reliable operation and have the upper hand for competition. It also saves on time, manpower and costs. It is without a doubt the age of information and the more a business has access to information, the more it has the chance to grow over time.

Information Obtained with the Flight Information

As the rapid growth in aviation continues, obtaining information regarding each specific flight gets more complex accordingly. In this way, Flight Tracker APIs are becoming reliable sources of accurate, fast and real-time information. Aviation Edge provides the best quality of Flight Tracker API with its well-coordinated interface.

Access to the Real Time Flight Data API and the Flight Information

Clients are able to access and connect to the real time flight data via the API key provided. The API key grants access to all flight data live which can be displayed in clients’ applications, their websites and/or other platforms of their choice. Flight Tracker API with its well-coordinated interface.


Our APIs provide you with information regarding the schedule, status and position of a requested aircraft, including the number, airline, estimated arrival and departure time, delay, geographic status, terminal, gate and baggage carousel information of a certain flight as well as the registration number, system information, IATA and ICAO codes, airport routes, speed, longitude, latitude, altitude and direction of the aircraft in question live via the Real-Time Flight Data API and the Flight Radar API.

Current Databases, API Services and the How to Use

Aviation Edge currently provides its clients with Real-Time Flight Tracker API, Nearby Service API, Routes API, Schedules API, Autocompletion Service API regarding dynamic data and Airlines API, Airplanes API, Airport API, City API, Country API and Taxes API regarding static data.


The APIs let you connect to our massive database. Databases containing static data are airlines, airplanes, airports, cities, countries, plane-types, taxes-ID and time zones which are available for download or via the APIs. The databases containing dynamic data such as flight tracking, schedules and routes are available via the API services to help you build the exact app you need.

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Aviation Edge provides a reliable experience for all businesses and individuals that need flight-tracking, whether formerly familiar with APIs or wishing to start to benefit from the countless advantages of APIs.


On top of that, Aviation-Edge provides 24/7 assistance to its Premium clients with any requests regarding certain data, technical difficulties, feedback, payment and everything else.

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