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Timezone Database Download with Codes

We constructed our Timezone Database based on globally used standard timezones. We also included continent, country and city information for better functionality. As the time zone data is a valuable asset for developing software related to aviation, this one is a must-have! It is also widely used for date and time arithmetic purposes by software developers in many areas other than aviation. The ways to use it is practically limitless! 

Whenever there is a change on the data or any additions are in question, we notify our Premium clients by sending them an e-mail. Though this happens rarely considering the nature of the data in the TZ Database. Our aim is to keep our clients up-to-date at all times.

Timezone database

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You can get a free sample and check whether we have the exact data you need, with no commitments. Timezone database download is available in Excel, csv or sql formats. Click on the button on the right to discover now!

If that is a more convenient option for you, you may use the databases via their respective APIs. We keep expanding our API varieties to provide our clients with the widest range of data access possible for even easier use.

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To see if we have the exact data you need, take a look inside and get your free sample with no commitments! Available below:

Data in our Timezone Database includes:

  • Timezone ID which is the internal code of Aviation Edge for timezones
  • Timezone name based on the city in a certain continent as well as the ISO-2 code of the related country
  • Offset information which is the GMT and DST offset of the timezones

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We always suggest our clients to combine a certain database with other databases. This is the most effective and cost-friendly way to expand the variety of data. For instance, it is possible to use the Timezone Database and the Airport Database in combination to form a standalone Airport Time Zone Database.

  • IATA Time Zone Codes

Detailed IATA codes information may be found in our other databases such as the Airlines Database. Another combination idea is to use the databases mentioned above and form an IATA Time Zone Codes database.

  • City Time Zone Database

When combined with our Cities Database, the Timezone Database offers the perfect all-in City Time Zone Database which is one of the frequently asked databases by our clients.