General questions

Q: How live is Aviation-Edge's data regarding the tracking and status?
A: The data provided through our APIs are delayed by around 30 seconds to one minute.

Q: How frequently is the data updated and refreshed?
A: Different data types have different refresh rates. You can find full documentation here. Typically though the live tracking is updated every 30 seconds to one minute while more static data is checked daily. Other data is updated as soon as there is a change detected. Think about data that almost never changes such as Country Names or Time Zones.

Q: How much does it cost to subscribe to Aviation-Edge?
A: It's free. Which will allow you to test our service. For premium packages with API feed, you can consult this page.

Q: Where is our data from?
A: Aviation-Edge collects and verifies data from hundreds of sources. We have developed dedicated software for most of our sources to constantly stay updated and check the data for accuracy. The information comes from government sources from many countries all over the world. On top of this, we collaborate with other commercial data providers, airlines, and airports.

Q: Can I try the service on your website?
A: Yes we have set up a few examples on our website where you can see our API in action. However, it is limited to a certain amount of tries before you need to register on our website. Just provide and confirm your email address and you can continue testing our service

Q: Can I find more information about certain data strings?
A: We provide many useful data correlations. For example, you can track a flight by the flight identifier or registration number. You can then gather all data related to this flight such as the airline it belongs to, the departure and arrival location and even details about the aircraft such as the number of engines, the seats etc.

Q: I’ve noticed a consistent inaccuracy in a piece of your data, what do I do?
A: Please report any inaccurate data directly to us at We will investigate why this data is incorrect and it will help us improve our service.

Q: I’ve noticed that sometimes Aviation-Edge show incorrect aircraft description for a certain type of aircraft, how does this happen?
A: It is possible for one aircraft type to have various names on the ICAO aircraft database. We pick the first listed aircraft. At times this is inaccurate and we correct this manually. Please let us know if you find any error as such and we will correct this.

Q: How come at some airports there is a mismatch between arrival times on your website and the information on an airline’s website?
A: Although we try to gather the arrival times from the airlines directly, at times this is not available and we provide the information based on time of landing on the runway. Because some airports are quite large, there may be a time difference between landing on the runway and the time it takes to taxi to the gate.

Q: Can I track military aircraft or official government aircrafts?
A: No, Aviation-Edge does not track official government aircrafts or military aircrafts.

Q: Does Aviation-Edge display real altitude or flight level?
A: We display the flight levels as true altitudes because there is a minimum difference which is negligible.

Q: What is the altitude based on? Above Ground Level or Main Sea Level?
A: We do not provide AGL altitudes and the displayed altitudes are different, depending on the data source. The position data can come from many different types of altitude data. This includes pressure altitude (corrected and uncorrected) the flight level or a height based on GPS above MSL. When we receive data from FAA and other air navigation sources it is usually MSL.

Q: The flight data of my airline company is not present in your flight tracking, what can I do?
A: Please contact us by email with the information about your company and we will send a request for data to the FAA. The tracking can usually start within a few weeks.

Q: What about the privacy of the people who travel on a private aircraft?
A: All the aircrafts accessible on Aviation-Edge operate in public airspace. They are broadcasting their locations and intentions on public radio frequencies. They depart and arrive at airports where they have their identification number painted on the aircraft. This means that the information is already publicly accessible to anyone. We’ve just developed a way of doing this more accurately. Aside from our service, there are many other service providers in the industry that offer similar public information as Aviation-Edge.

Q: Should I use Aviation-Edge for live operational functions such as navigation or traffic advisories?
A: No, not all of our data falls under the Service Level Agreement (SLA) and can be guaranteed as accurate. Certain data is based on estimates. This is against the Aviation-Edge’s terms of use.

Q: I noticed that two flights with the same flight number of different airline companies, is that possible?
A: Occasionally it happens that some airlines have their flight numbers duplicate in the air with different airlines. When tracking a flight that is twice in the air, some data related to that flight may be inaccurate. This is unavoidable and out of scope of our Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Q: What time zones does Aviation-Edge use for the airports?
A: We use the time zones of the location of the airport.

Q: Your website often uses acronyms, is there a way to find out what they all mean?
A: Yes, have a look at the FAA acronym page

Q: Why is the flight position of recently departed flights not provided through Aviation-Edge?
A: It takes a few minutes to first obtain the position and information of an aircraft when a flight lifts off. Wait a few minutes and the information will be provided.

Q: How inaccurate can the location of your flight tracking be?
A: This depends on a case by case basis. Thought most of our flights are very accurate, there are cases where the accuracy may be within a few kilometer or sometimes the accuracy can be up to a hundred kilometer.

Q: How accurate is your data?
A: It is as accurate as the sources of our data. For example, related to departure and arrival data, we take this straight from the airports and airlines all around the world and centralize it in our database.

Q: I see weird scrambled characters when downloading the database at name translations, how to see correct translations?
A: You need to open the file differently. Follow these instructions

Developers' Question

Q: Airline/airport missing in the database. Why and what can I do?
A: We can say that there isn’t a single data provider that covers every airline and airport as well as every flight in the world but we can confidently say that we are the fastest growing data provider and covering the missing data rapidly! Should you detect any missing airline or airport, or any other data for that matter, feel free to contact us and we will make sure to add the related data in our database shortly 

Q: Do you provide free access students and non-commercial projects? 
A: If you are a student or working on a non-commercial project with very limited budget and need our data, you can contact us for several opportunities for sure. We are always excited to hear about our clients’ projects and are always trying our best to support them. In cases where we are able to grant free access, we only ask for a link back to our website that shows us as the source in exchange.

Q: How often is the database updated and will I receive a notification when the updates are available? 
​A: The static data is updated around once per month and dynamic data is updated mostly every minute. Once you are signed up to the API, you will be able to integrate our data within your system and receive the latest information automatically.

Q: In which formats can I acquire the databases? 
​A: The databases are available in Excel, csv and sql formats and come in a .rar file. You can also access the databases through our API which is JSON/REST 

QIs it possible to query IATA delay codes / cancellations?​
​A: We dont have the actual delay codes but we do have the Schedules API with timetables of all arrival and departures of all airports, including the amount of delay. Based on this you can see how much a flight was delayed or if it was cancelled

​Q: Do your services include data regarding denied boarding?​
​A: No, we currently do not provide data regarding denied boarding.  

Q: Do your services include data regarding baggage?
A: Yes, we provide information about the baggage belt where the passengers can pick up their luggage. This depends a bit per airport as the data is not always available. 

​Q: Is it possible to develop IOS/Android applications with the data you provide?​
​A: Yes, it is a basic JSON/REST API and several clients use it for IOS and android. You can find tutorials online easily about using API systems with mobile operating systems. 

Q: If I purchase the full database, would I have access to the updates?​
​A: For the database download, you will receive updates by mail, when available, for the next year. The alternative way to obtain updates is by signing up for the API which is updated constantly. β€‹ 

Q: Does the β€œCities Database” contain all cities/towns?
A: Yes, it does and is constantly updated. Nevertheless, should you detect any missing city/town, feel free to contact us and we will make sure to add the related data in our database.  

​Q: Are the airport and city data you provide available in local languages?
A: Our services support many languagesWe currently have name translations for airports and improving the cities translations rapidly. 

​Q: How can I learn how many calls I have left?​
A: You can see your usage on the dashboard for which you received a password over email (your email address is your login). Also, whenever you reach 85% of your total calls, you will get an e-mail informing you; again at 90% and 95%. It is always possible to upgrade the API package in accordance with your needs from your dashboard.​

​Q: I have noticed inconsistent data between the API services that I use. Why does that happen?​
​A: We are mostly bound with the data provided us by our sources. As much as we pick our sources delicately, it is rarely possible to encounter inconsistent data between API services. You can infor us if you notice inconsistency and we will use this information to improve our system.

​Q: How can I find solution to my problems regarding technical issues, invoicing, quality etc.?​
​A: We are happy to assist you with any problem that you may encounter during using our services. Feel free to send an e-mail to us at our e-mail addresses found at promise to return to you with a solution very shortly! 

​Q: Is it possible to make search/filter the data?​
​A: Yes, our services include a filtering feature which enables our clients to acquire the exact data they need. Have a look at the developer page

​Q: Do your services include data regarding historical flights?​
​A: No, we do not provide detailed data regarding historical flights yet but this is one of our primary goals in near future, so stay tuned! For now, a way to do this is to collect our data feed to your database and build a history of all flights. That way you can set it to show last 48 hours but also any other point in the past from the moment of signing up to our API. 

​Q: I have technical questions about how your services work but still need your data. Will I be able to get technical help from you as well in case I subscribe and make a purchase?​
​A: Of course. we highly recommend signing up at to be able to see how the service works. It is very clearly explained and should be easy to pick up for an API developer. Should you have any questions, we will always be here to assist you.  

​Q: Do you have phone support in order to find a solution for my problems person to person?​
​A: While we prefer initial contact to be over e-mail, we do have the ability to call you if needed. 

​Q: Can I check the availability of the API service that I am using?​
A: Using the test page you can always test our data directly on our website to see the availability. 

​Q: What is included in trial?​
​A: Everything is included in the trial! Schedules API, Flight Tracker API, Routes API, Autocomplete API and around 10 other API services. The trial gives you one month of access. You can get further information as well as the trial version at We have also recently made the free API to show all the data. However, you are limited by a small amount of API calls and the account wont last forever.

Q: Do you provide API services for airline fares and booking flights?
A: No, our services do not include data regarding airline fares and booking flights. 

​Q: How many requests/calls would need for single data fetch? 
A: With our system, 1 data request is calculated as 1 API call, no matter how much data you call per request. For example you can get all global flights within just 1 API call.

​Q: How many results do you provide in a single response?​
​A: All that are available. For example, if you take any airport, we provide all departure and arrival data of every flight from that location. 

​Q: Can I acquire data regarding the flights that are already arrived with an arrival and departure requests? 
​A: We display the flights that are already arrived for a short while. However, it I best to make periodical calls to make sure you capture everything. 

​Q:  Is it possible to get combined response with arrivals and departures?​
A: To be safe that you catch all data, you should make the separate calls. Arrival information can be seen in a departure API call at times but to be safe, it is best to use both. 

​Q: Does the Flight Tracker API deliver the actual departure and arrival times before and after a certain flight takes place?​
​A: Yes, our Schedules API contains this information. 

​Q: Do your services include data regarding baggage claim belt numbers?​
​A: Yes, our Schedules API contains this information. 

​Q: Is it possible to get push notifications as soon as there is a change with a specific flight on a specific date? 
A: No, we do not provide data regarding push notifications currently. It will be a feature in the near future though!​ 

Q: Can I get data regarding flight delays using your data? 
​A: Actually, yes! The easiest way is to use the Schedules API which shows the arrival and departure airports with all their flights. Here we display if a flight is delayed, or cancelled and by how much time. What you could also do is to use the Flight Tracker API to see which flights come up at a certain airport. This way, you would be able to determine the ones that have already departed and calculate the delays based on this.  We have raw data of flights as they travel through the sky as well as schedules of the airports. This data allows developers to build a system to check for delays. For example we provide information stating the expected arrival time of a flight and also the actual arrival time. Using this data you can determine the delay of a flight.