Airport database and API

You are looking for the best database of all airports in the world and you’ve been searching various airport data sources and ended up with us. This means you need to search no further. Our airport dataset download and airport flight data API is not expensive and always up to date with detailed information. The world airport directory we have created includes detailed airport database tables with 13 data strings just like the airline database. For this, we also have an API for airport benchmarking where we provide data to compare the different airports with each other. We have customers from many countries who all need accurate information within the aviation industry. If you need more than just the IATA recognized airports, (where you have a list of around 250 airports), you can use our data. Our database of airports contains more than 10000 entries with related and useful information. So with our data, you will get a far better insight than just those from IATA or ICAO airport codes database. They are built with their IATA 3 letter airport codes while ours also expands horizontally with data and vertically by adding more airports.

Use of our airport database download or airport API service

The autocomplete service and the nearby service, flight tracking, timetables and the routes are a few other useful tools related to the airport database for our clients that we have developed. These all make use of the airport database which we keep up to date. Most of the customers, at first, connect with us for the data but since they are developing similar systems they decide to sign up for the full package of our API, saving them a lot of time and assuring that they are constantly up to date. We offer all our premium customers a guarantee through our SLA which shows our confidence in our data. It guarantees a certain level of server uptime (which is currently averaged at 99.98%) and support quality as well as data transfer speed. The uptime of our server is above the industry standard.

People who use our database can be booking websites or flight tracking apps or platforms. There are many uses of the IATA airport database. Possibly you are planning to build your own reservation system database which uses the airport timetables or contains a list of international airports. We also have a free version available which is often used by students or to try our service before buying. It will give you an insight into the airport database example. If you want to sign up for that, just click the button which redirects you to the sign-up page or you can follow this link. All the documentation about how to use the API, you can find on our developers’ page.

Below, you can find the image that shows all the data strings that we have in our airport database. Aside from this, we have more information in our benchmark database. For all the API options, you can visit the aviation API page.

All the data that is required in the aviation industry, you can find in our database. Our list of international airports with IATA codes is complete. Our airport dataset with airport designators, information about airport status and IATA ICAO airport code. On top of this, if you visit our airport benchmark API, you will find within our list of airports, another large amount of information. Such as airport market share, airport social media info, airport icao, airport rankings, and airport industry competition. We have maintained our list of all the airports for many years. By combining it with our timetable API or route API you can start to build a good history of airports too.

IATA and ICAO airport codes download

We also keep up to date with the full list of IATA ICAO airport codes. Regarding the IATA airport codes list download. These are airport classification IATA 3 digit airport codes, IATA airport designator or IATA airport identifiers. If you only want to work with the official IATA or ICAO data, you could filter these after downloading the entire airport database schema. If you want to focus on the official list of IATA airport and city codes with country information, this would be very useful. Use the IATA codes lookup at the top of the homepage to test our service before buying.

The ICAO airport designator has an ICAO 3 letter airport codes can be found by testing the ICAO airport code database with the tool at the top of this page. It has most of our ICAO airport codes list and it is useful to check the accuracy.

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