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Airport Database & Code List Download

If you are in need of airport data of all airports worldwide, Aviation Edge Airport Database is the perfect all-in source to have. The detailed data in our database covers the data of all aviation platforms. Whether private or public airports, airstrips, even helipads, seaports and much more. 

We acquire the majority of our data from aviation authorities and international institutions around the world. The more detailed data that is not typically provided by the authorities or institutions are gathered by making contact directly with airports or our reliable partners in the aviation industry. 

Our database includes codes which is a crucial part of airport data. With our Airport Database, you can access Airport Database Excel which provides an efficient and filterable platform to access all codes related to a certain airport.

Airport Database

Airport Code Database Search via the Airport Database

Airport Codes are typically unchanging, internationally accepted codes of the airports. That is why in order to avoid any miscommunication and minimize the risks, the correct code has to be available at all times if your business or your customers are in any way affiliated with aviation. 

Airport codes are included in the Airport Database Excel along with the city codes.

IATA Airport Codes Download

IATA (The International Air Transport Association) is the trade association which represents airports worldwide. If your or your clients’ aviation-related business is associated in trade in any way, the complete IATA Airport Codes data is a must-have. The flight data transactions are carried out under these specific, international codes.  .

Data in our Airport Database includes:

  • Airport details: full names, name translations into local languages (many languages are supported and expanding), official abbreviations and routes of airports.
  • IATA and ICAO codes: complete codes of all airports from official sources.
  • Location information: the name and ISO of the specific country, IATA code of the nearby city, latitude and longitude coordinates, time zone, GMT offset and geoname ID. 
  • Contact information: the website and phone number of the of the airport (when available). 

What is Inside the Database

Even though airport codes do not constantly change and can be considered as static data, we always make sure it is up-to-date and contains complete information that is available. We also make sure our Premium clients are always informed by automatically sending an e-mail to the e-mail address used for the registration whenever there is a major update on the databases.


Airport Database Example - How to Make the Best Use and Download Information

You can access the airport database example (free sample) by clicking the button on the right and get started!

However, the most beneficial way of using the Airport Database is when combined with other databases and the API services we provide. The Airport Database is one of our best-selling databases yet as stand-alone document. But we strongly recommend to download it in combination with other databases and API services in a complete package. This way makes it possible to access all features all-together which puts especially developers in an advantage. To check out what is included with our API packages and get your free personal API key, click the button on the right.

All databases are available for download in Excel, csv or sql format and can be reached by connecting through the API services provided by Aviation-Edge.