Airport database

Airport database API – Global airport real-time data available via API

The IATA Tax Codes Database contains a list of the IATA codes of taxes which can be used for many different functions. We gather our data directly from the sources of official authorities to make sure it is accurate.

Airport Database

Up to date data of all airports available via API

The airport database API offered by the Aviation Edge makes it easier to retrieve accurate world airport data. Our database of airports contains an ever-growing amount of data fields like (ICAO) codes, the (IATA) code and 2 digit ISO codes. The data about Location of the airport is given in form of Latitude, Longitude and it is derived from time zone and GMT offset. The accuracy of our comprehensive data list is ensured by two ways. Firstly, frequent regular updates make it impossible for any outdated information to remain in our database. Secondly, the database also undergoes both software as well as manual checks before being included in our database. Additionally, the website guarantees 24/7 availability of provided data by ensuring currently 99.95% server up-time.

Why choose our world airports data API?

Locating a complete world airports data API to create an aviation application can consume a large amount of time and resources of developers. Our APIs are specially designed to keep this fact in mind. Now there is no need to completely rebuild forms, commands or even scrollbars. All of these actions are accessible within offered application programming interface. Intelligent scheme of API will give a consistent look and feel to your applications, still allowing for unique functionality. Moreover, a lot of time will be saved by not redoing the work which is already done. Another developer friendly attribute of our API is that it is compatible with any application that supports REST/JSON.