Airline Tax Codes

Airline Tax Codes Database Download

The IATA Tax Codes Database contains a list of the IATA codes of taxes which can be used for many different functions. We gather our data directly from the sources of official authorities to make sure it is accurate.

Airline Tax Codes Database

Airport Taxes by Country

One of the best advantages of our data is that you can mix-and-match and combine different groups of data so it fits the data group you aim to provide to your customers exactly. For example, it is possible to generate a database that contains airport taxes by country by using our Airline Tax Codes Database combined with our other databases such as Airport Database, Country Database and many more. For the exact data you are looking for, please don’t hesitate to make contact with our team! This way, we can determine together the best databases and APIs that fits your needs. 

We are constantly expanding our database. We frequently gather new data and update current data. Whenever new data is logged in to the databases, the system is automatically updated. Therefore, making sure that the databases are always up-to-date.  

As the fastest growing data provider, we believe the actuality of our data is the key. Whenever there is a major update, we send e-mails to our clients and make sure they never fall behind on actual data. We focus on the convenience of our clients. So, we always aim to provide an environment in which our clients can prioritize developing their projects without having to concern about the reliability of the data.  

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All of our Databases are available in Excel, csv or sql format for download. You can choose any format to your liking that is the most functional for you. Another way to access the databases is by connecting through our API services. This method provides the widest range of data and easier usage of data when compared to downloading the databases as standalone. Click on the button on the right to discover now!

Your trust is valuable to us. That is why we keep expanding our API varieties to provide our clients with the widest range of data access possible for even easier use. 

Please feel free to contact us if you need further assistance. We make sure to find a one-on-one solution to our clients’ requests.

The data in our Airline Tax Codes Database includes:

  • Internal Tax ID which is the internal code of Aviation Edge determined for each tax, 
  • Tax name which provides an explanation for what the tax is for, 
  • IATA Tax Code which is the internationally used official IATA codes of taxes. 

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