Aviation Edge ADSB API

ADS-B Data Format for Flight Tracking

Aviation Edge ADSB API data includes data picked up from ADSB of airborne, live flights all over the world, thus giving you a complete picture of all aircraft with ADSB at a given moment. It is possible to track a total up to 15000 flights at a time via the API. That’s a lot! But we have also developed many filters for you to spot the exact flights you want to track.

The data includes data related to live flight tracking out of a standard ADSB data format and more. Here is an example response from the API for an individual flight:
































It is possible to filter live, airborne flights based on:

  • Airline 
  • Departure airport (both IATA and ICAO codes are available)
  • Arrival airport (both IATA and ICAO codes are available)
  • Flight number
  • Aircraft registration number
  • Flight status (status can be started, en-route, landed, unknown)
  • A specified circle based on coordinates provided. This will show you all active flights within a certain circle area on earth that you designate.

ADSB Tracker API updates around every 5 minutes and the last update time is always included in the response in Epoch time. The data is coherent with ADS-B data format.

The response is in JSON format and the API is very easy to use with very high response times with uptimes higher than 99%. Responses in XML format will also be available soon, around October 2020. Stay tuned!

Aviation Edge API for flight tracking includes both ADS-B and radar flights. ADS-B flights cover a higher portion in a response where all flights are requested.

This is possible by putting a high limit filter at the end of the endpoint such as 30000.


ADS-B Tracker API Data

ADS-B is the single most important technology to control air traffic today. It allows pilots to see exactly what the tower sees. To prevent any accidents, both need to be fully aware of other aircraft around them and ADS-B does just that. 

How is ADSB any better than radar? ADS-B simply has greater vision and coverage. This is because ADS-B ground stations are more affordable and easier to maintenance when compared to radar. ADS-B can cover any part of the world that radar fails to cover, like Alaska. Radar technology is indeed still being used but ADS-B wins this battle without a doubt. That’s no surprise considering radar technology dates back to WW2. 

This is why the majority of the flights a flight tracker API offers are ADS-B flights in general. Likewise, Aviation Edge flight tracking data includes both ADS-B flights and radar to maximize overall coverage. We receive ADSB data from our multiple data partners around the world and provide this aggregated data to our clients with very fast APIs. Today, more than 6000 clients including major airlines, airports, software developers, hospitality sector giants, universities, museums and much more use Aviation Edge ADSB Tracker API.

ADSB API to Track Flights

Automatic dependent surveillance–broadcast (ADS–B) is a surveillance tool that allows an aircraft to track its real-time location via satellite and ADS-B receivers, and broadcasts this data frequently. This makes sure the air traffic is controlled properly by ADSB exchange and provide other aircraft that are flying around “situational awareness”.

But ADS-B live tracking data may have hundreds of other use cases other than air traffic purposes. For example, you may use an ADSB API to build a live, virtual map or make a whole website about ADS-B live tracking. You can build your own flight tracking tool or app and take your place in the market. You can even build a simulator based on actual data for a more realistic feeling. Or you are in hospitality or airport transfer businesses, you can use the data to keep a track of where your clients’ flights are to provide them excellent service, right on time. This will also improve your time and cost management.

How to Access ADS-B API
Visit our Developers Page for all available endpoints and more examples from the APIs.

Another absolutely great advantage of the API is that it comes in the form of a monthly subscription. You may use your ADS-B Tracker API key will grant you access to our complete list of APIs. These include Real-time and Historical Schedules API, Airline Routes API, Cities API, Airports API, Airlines API, Autocomplete API and much, much more.

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