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Aircraft Tail Numbers Database List

Each registered aircraft has a unique aircraft tail number that we provide as an aircraft tail numbers database list. These are assigned by the national aviation authorities and are widely used to identify the aircraft. As these world aircraft registration numbers are recognized by official authorities, they are the only way of tracking individual flights with an identifier. This makes aircraft tail number data a must-have for tracking flights of a certain airline or the aircraft itself. We provide the aircraft tail numbers database list data via a JSON REST API for seamless integration and update our data to ensure accuracy.

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The Aircraft Tail Number Database download is available in Excel, csv or sql formats to make sure you can choose the most functional option for you. You can also reach the database through the API services we provide. We are constantly gathering new data and expanding our database.  

We take the actuality of our data seriously. Whenever there is a major update, we inform our clients via automatically sent e-mails and make sure they are always informed. We focus on the convenience of our clients so they can concentrate on their projects without any concerns about the data. 

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Data included in the Aircraft Registration Number Database

Our Aircraft Tail Numbers Database API sources its data directly from national aviation authorities and official aviation registries around the world. We employ a rigorous data validation and updating process, constantly refreshing our database to reflect the latest changes in aircraft registrations, transfers, and status changes. 

  • Aircraft tail number: unique registration number assigned to each aircraft by the National Aviation Authority
  • country of registration: the country in which the aircraft is registered
  • Aircraft type/model: the make and model of the aircraft
  • Airlines or operator: name of the airline or operator that currently owns or leases the aircraft
  • Date of registration: date on which the aircraft was officially registered
  • Serial number: the manufacturer’s serial number of the aircraft, which is different from the tail number.

Aircraft registration number database

Aircraft Registration Numbers API: Global Data for Aviation Professionals

National Aviation Authority (NAA) uses procedures set by each country for the registration of aircraft. Our complete world aircraft registration numbers database with API for developers contains numbers of registered aircraft. The registration process starts when National Aviation Authority assigns a unique combination of letters and numbers to each aircraft. The registration number also represents the country of the aircraft and the NAA provides the aircraft with the Certificate of Registration. 

In the USA, a registration number is usually called an N number because all aircraft registered there have registration numbers starting with the letter N. The interesting thing to mention is the fact that no registration number contains letters I and O since they are similar to numbers 1 and 0 and may make some confusion. 


Good to know!

When an aircraft is destroyed or retired, some countries decide to allow the use of its registration number. In these cases, it is important to notice the change of aircraft using the registration number that already exists. Sometimes it happens that the aircraft changes its owners and this can also lead to the registration number to change. This is why it is important to have access to the international aircraft tail number database which is accurate and updated regularly. Problems may occur if you use the wrong registration number and thus identify the aircraft wrongly. 
Aviation Edge provides a constantly expanding aircraft tail numbers database which saves both time and cost for developers. Our database basically plays a role as an aircraft registration search platform that makes aircraft tracking easy. Rely on our external data and do not waste time collecting and maintaining your own aircraft tail numbers database list.
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Aviation Edge currently provides its clients with Real-Time Flight Tracker API, Nearby Service API, Routes API, Schedules API, Autocompletion Service API regarding dynamic data and Airlines API, Airplanes API, Airport API, City API, Country API and Taxes API regarding static data.


The APIs let you connect to our massive database. Databases containing static data are airlines, airplanes, airports, cities, countries, plane-types, taxes-ID and time zones which are available for download or via the APIs. The databases containing dynamic data such as flight tracking, schedules and routes are available via the API services to help you build the exact app you need.

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