World Global Airline, Airplane and Airport Routes API

Our commercial airline routes API contains all flight routes that are active in the world at any time. We gather the data from hundreds of partners and turn it into an easy to use international flight routes around the world API. The details about the API you can find on the developers' page but we can already explain what the possibilities are with this airplane routes API. Many of our clients use it for their platform to show the possible plane routes to their customers. It can be used to help with a booking website or in combination with a timetable of all aviation routes to show live data about flights being on time and which national and international air routes are active per airport or airline and which airplane flies these routes.

As you can see, we go as detailed as providing the terminals and times of arrival and departure with our global flight routes API. We also have the information on the arrival times of the airport route. If you have any more questions about the world flight routes data that we provide, just contact us. We are constantly working in close relationships with our clients about updating our APIs and the global air routes API is one of our latest additions. Our goal is to bring aviation data to the world in an easy to use format so that you can be sure that your airplane flight routes are up to date and all airline routes can be shared with your customers.

International Airline Routes with World Plane Routes

New airline routes around the world and aircraft routes are added constantly to our database. We have developed software for each of our partner to constantly receive the latest information. We've also set up a system to check the accuracy of the data and will do manual checks whenever something is uncertain. We maintain a direct line of communication with our partners when collecting their airline flight routes.

Aside from the aeroplane route, we also provide detailed information about the arrival and departure of the airway route, information about airlines airports and routes of the arrival and departure is added to provide you with any of the information you may need. The image below will show you the data strings available of the world air routes.

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All databases are available for both download in Excel, csv or sql format and by connecting to the API services provided by Aviation-Edge.

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If you feel that any air flight routes should be added to our world airline routes that are somehow not available yet, let us know! For any questions you may have, we are always here for one-on-one solutions. You can contact us here!


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