The Biggest Airlines in the World

No doubt that the aviation industry is growing rapidly. The demand for airline transport for both tourism and for commercial purposes is at its peak point. As of 2018, the  number of passengers who prefer airway transportation has increased 8 times compared to the past 40 years. In other words, the demand has increased a staggering 700%!  But how do airlines cope with the demand? What do they do to improve themselves to get a piece of the aviation cake? Every aviation-related business has much to learn from the biggest airlines in the world.

What defines the size of an airline? Its fleet size, revenue, profit, passengers carried, assets value, market capitalization, number of employees, number of countries or destinations served are several of the possible elements to determine the size of an airline.

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Big Data of the Biggest Airlines in the World

As inspiring as the success of the biggest airlines in the world, your aviation-related business needs data on airlines whether small or big. This is to catch up to growth or de-growth of the airlines as well as to determine which airline would be the perfect fit for your or your customers’ business needs. This is where we come in! Aviation Edge is here to provide you with detailed data of the airlines, all over the world.

Our Airlines Database has all the data you need with the largest airlines in the world including:
  • 1
    Airline Names which are the official names of the airlines as well as the slug names of airlines,Codes which includes Aviation Edge internal codes, IATA codes, IATA prefix and IATA accounting codes as well as ICAO codes,
  • 2
    Codes which includes Aviation Edge internal codes, IATA codes, IATA prefix and IATA accounting codes as well as ICAO codes,
  • 3
    Related data which is the IATA code of the Hub airport of the airline and the name and ISO code of the related country
  • 4
    Airline details which includes the status of the airline (active, closed, renamed etc.), the type of the airline (scheduled, charter, cargo, private services etc.), founding year, fleet size and also the average age of fleet,
  • 5
    Contact information including airline’s website and social media addresses such as Twitter, Facebook and general communication info such as phone number (when available).

Fun Fact

By fleet size, revenue, profit, total passengers: American Airlines Group

By number of employees: Lufthansa Group,

By freight tonne-kilometers: FedEx Express

By number of countries served: Turkish Airlines

By destinations served: UPS Airlines is the biggest airline in the world.

Subscription and Download Information

You can reach the data of the biggest airlines in the World both as a standalone download or through our APIs. Airlines Database, just like all of our databases is available for download Excel, csv or sql format.

Although, we strongly recommend our Premium packages. They include all of our APIs, 24/7 support, an incredible up-time, SLA and much more. This way, you are able to combine the data of the largest airlines in the World with other aviation data.

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