Database with International Flight Tracker API

Database with International Flight Tracker API

We have developed an international flight tracker API for our clients to use in combination with our databases and other APIs. Showing customers live flight information about their aircraft made easy!
The aircraft tracker API can be used for jet tracking, private plane tracker or as a commercial flight tracker API to serve many different types of customers from all around the world. Aside from directly feeding the data to your customers, it’s also possible to use the aircraft Flight Tracker API to build a beautiful display on your website. This way, you can show the world that your company is on top of all flights, at any time. Some of our clients use it similarly to what we built on our homepage, a plane flight tracker which you can use to get data on individual flights.
No matter how you use our flight tracking system, the airplane tracking API is well maintained by our team. We use the ADS-B system of airplanes for our global flight tracking API. Aside from the location of the plane, you get a lot more information. Such as the direction, speed, altitude and more. Have a look at the image below for the full list of data strings that our world flight tracking API provides.

Our database of all country phone codes will add practical value to your business!

By selecting our database and connecting your software to our official country codes API, you will have fast access to the information you need. We ensure that our database is always available for your requests with the highest possible server updates. Also, the data we provide is accurate and up-to-date. Country phone codes do not change often, or in some cases at all. However, it is still really important that you have access to a complete database that covers all countries in the world for your customers. When you use our API, you have a convenient combination of many publicly available sources and commercial sources that you are sure are up to date.

The database of all country phone codes is not only useful to implement into a website or app but also for internal use. Businesses often set up meetings and communicate with customers or branches in different regions and countries. This is when a reliable database of phone prefixes comes in handy. If you need to collect the international phone numbers of your clients, you need a complete and accurate list. It is a one-time setup that will basically save you a lot of time compared to checking a phone prefix every time. We understand the importance of this and this is why we promise efficient service and accurate information. This is the mindset in which we created a database of all international country phone codes for our clients.

It is a great idea to combine this data together with the airplane database which was mentioned above. This way you can get even more details on the planes that you are tracking.


Flight Status Tracker API

The live flight status tracker API gives all information about the status of the flight. We have integrated the flight location tracker into the API as well as the real time flight status. When your customers go on a holiday and want to be aware of any delays, they can use your mobile app, with our live flight status tracker API integrated into it to be assured of their time. They don’t have to search for the signs anymore at the airport, it’s all on their phone through flight tracker flight status apps, powered by an API like ours.

Flight tracker and status API map

Our Live Flight Tracker API

Have you ever noticed that these days, you barely need to look at signs? When you are driving, you have a navigator on your phone, when you are taking the bus, you check your phone for delays. In China, you can even track the local bus GPS location right from your phone. This is the future of planes as well. The live flight tracker API that Aviation Edge provides helps make this a reality. Because we are more affordable than our competitors and still guarantee a great level of quality through our SLA. We plan to shake up the data in the aviation industry! Live aircraft flight tracking is one of the core factors in our business of keeping up with the live aircraft movement in the industry.

Aside from the plane tracker API, the live air tracker also gives information about:

  • live flight location
  • live flight traffic
  • live flight paths

Once you’ve connected with our database, you can easily start tracking and gathering your own historical data. You then can use it for various other applications and platforms.

From Static Data to Dynamic Real-Time International Flight Tracker API

The data we receive for the real time commercial flight tracking is different for every company. We have hundreds of sources and sometimes we receive the real time flight information already months or even a year in advance. Until the last hours before the flight, this data does not change. However, near the departure, our software starts checking for changes. The new data is pushed out by the air traffic control operators or the pilots. This will activate our real time plane tracker API. This flight plan provides details about the planned route, the speed and altitude and more information. After this, the dynamic data tracking begins with real time flight tracker upon which we built our API. We receive the message from the airline of the flight departing and when it is airborne. This is how our real time aircraft tracker API works in short.

You can get started without commitments and try out how it works by clicking the button on the right! 

For any questions you may have, don’t hesitate to contact us for one-on-one solutions.

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