Database for air traffic demand – forecasting techniques

Aviation demand forecast for the aviation industry

The airline industry is experiencing the rapid growth and it is not unusual for companies to require air traffic forecast. It is a well-known fact that this increase in the air traffic is the result of technological advances and improvements. Aviation forecasting has become more popular nowadays and there are different techniques that could be used to acquire it. Some forecasters use some judgemental methods whereas others rely on structured and complex ways to come to a conclusion.

The aviation demand forecast is important for making further decisions related to airport organization, certain future decisions and implementing necessary changes. If the forecast is not accurate, the airline industry will feel the consequences. Our database of air traffic will help you analyze the data you need and come up with the best solutions.


Air traffic forecasts have for a long time been the most useful predictions that certain airline company may use to improve its business. The better data you have access to, the better outcome of the forecast you may expect.We have prepared special offers for those who choose the Premium package that comes with a set of guarantees in terms of data transfer speed, top-level customer support, and server uptime. In case you dont want to develop the API integration, you should have a look at the database download page. Do not forget that we provide 24/7 customer support to top-level premium users so you can contact us about any doubts you may have.

Our database of international airline industry trends

When you decide to analyze air traffic trends in order to make useful aviation forecast, you must have the access to the newest information. Our API is collecting the data for you, you just have to match your software to it and choose how to track and display it. The best thing is that we offer comprehensive and detailed database and we guarantee the access to it with an average server uptime of 99.98%.

When making forecasts and following trends, one should always take into account the past trends and forecasts. This is why we gather information from numerous sources and we make sure that our data is factual and up-to-date. Choosing our API and our global flight forecast database means you take care of your business and its future.

A good match!

Forecasting techniques are various and you should always combine them in order to get the best results. The same goes for the APIs we have. Matching the various pieces of data to your project will result in a more detailed forecast. For example, travel patterns and airport routes API will provide you with a constant flow of data from which you can conclude trends and habits in the airline industry. Relying on them can be useful and valuable.

For even more information, check our Premium package offers and see what suits you the best. To read more about it, visit the section for Premium users.

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