Worldwide airport data and information in Excel & SQL formats

Download newest world airport database with all airport information available in excel & sql

Download world airport database offered by the Aviation edge which is one of the largest and the most accurate collection of airport data. Intelligently organized and harmonized shaping of our database by our team of experts has increased its usefulness many times and has made it the ultimate choice of top stakeholders of Aviation. We ensure and verify the authenticity of our database through multiple resources. The best thing about our database is that it expands both ways vertically and horizontally. We regularly not only add new airports but we also keep on increasing the type of data fields regarding different global airports. Our data can be download in any format of your choice like sql, excel or csv.

What information does world airport database download provide?

Our list of all airport data in the world contains almost every information which a person can desire for. To give you a better idea of the contents, here is a brief overview of airport information contained in our database.

●  3 letter International Air Transport Association (IATA) codes which are derived from location of airports.
●  4 letter International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) codes which are regionally based.
●  International Standards Organization (ISO) Alpha-2 codes that are 2 letter acronyms designated to every country of the world. This has made searching airports list by country far easier for our clients.
●  Location of airports in Latitude And Longitude is also available which can be used for GPS and FMS route feeding.
●  Time zone, GMT, Name Translations, Phone numbers and Website addresses (when available) have also been incorporated into the database of the respective airport to facilitate our customer.

Worldwide airport database download available

An accurate global airport database having names of worldwide airports is required for many key stakeholders of the aviation industry from Airlines, Air Traffic Controllers, Engineers and Application developers. Providing all of this data from a single platform was very important because different providers have
• Different formats and
• Varying degrees of comprehensiveness
• Data lacking accuracy

We have addressed this problem and that is why we have constantly more subscribers to our data and long term customers.

World airport database download in excel, csv and sql

We collect airport details from a number of resources. The airport database which is prepared from different sources is then fed into our software, each entry is checked thoroughly by modules developed by our engineers which highlight any discrepancy. After software check, our team of professionals also check this airport database. All our efforts are for making sure that our data meets the highest possible level of accuracy and integrity. Our database is easily downloadable in various formats such as excel , csv, sql and has a total size of over 15 MB. We are known for our friendly APIs as welland are proud to be the first choice of many Application Developers. Our simple subscription process has made access to our data, just a matter of few clicks that too bundled with free updates by e-mail for 12 months.