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Download IATA airport codes database and gain access to unique three-letter IATA city codes, each associated with a specific airport in the world. Besides being location identifiers of the airports these codes also help in passenger reservation, ticketing and baggage-handling. Aviation edge maintains database integrity through acquiring data from multiple sources like airport management, airlines and air traffic control towers all around the world. Selected data is then processed by an intelligent software and finally, it is inspected manually.

About the content of our IATA database

IATA airport codes provided by Aviation edge contains abbreviations of all international and local airports. Currently, our database has x entries and its expanding after every update. The database is for those agencies who require short names, codes of airports. Our clients are mainly booking agencies, destination marketers, tour operators, airlines and airports, Cargo Transporters, tracking websites and countless more. Follow this link to view our customers.

IATA city codes and IATA airport codes database download

IATA airport codes are also known as IATA city codes because all these codes are derived from the name of the city in which an airport is located. For example, Heathrow airport is located in London that’s why its IATA code is LHR (London Heathrow airport). Currently, our IATA database has X number of entries and we are in process of adding more. The database is easily searchable you can search for a particular airport IATA code using the name of city or country and vice versa.

The IATA airport database is formatted in Excel, CSV, SQL

The IATA airport codes database is offered for download in many different formats. You can download it in Excel, SQL and CSV. The database is of a total 15 MB. Our simple subscription process has made access to our data very easy. Aviation-edge guarantees full support during and after implementation phase. Subscribe now and get free updates by e-mail for 12 months.