IATA timezones database

Download airport IATA time zone codes database

Download airport time zone database and plan your flights in a better way. The website has developed an accurate database comprising of IATA time zone codes which get checked for updates regularly. We are able to guarantee the accuracy of our database because of our sources and sound process. To be sure of our accuracy we always confirm the data with multiple original sources and when our software detects anything that might cause uncertainty about the correctness, we manually check the data and contact our partners who provide the data.

Download airport database with IATA zone codes

The simple design of our IATA time zones database makes it quite user-friendly. The database consists of time zone codes related to airports which are not country-specific, these code change with respect to change in time zone. Thus a country having different time zone will have different IATA time zone codes for airports which are very far away from each other.