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Download icao airport database with a list of names and icao codes

Download our ICAO airport codes database and gain access to unique four-letter ICAO codes each associated with a particular airport in the world. The first letter of ICAO code represents the region, the second letter is for countries and last two are for the name of the city in which the airport is located. ICAO airport name codes are more comprehensive than IATA airport codes as ICAO codes also give information about country and region in which the airport is situated. The list of codes is used by Air Traffic Control communications and it helps them saving time by identifying an airport very quickly. Our database is also used by many flight tracking software applications.

Database of all icao names and codes of all of the international and local airports

The ICAO airport codes database by Aviation Edge is current and accurate. To ensure the authenticity of the database Aviation edge acquires airport names and codes from different sources and then updates it frequently. The best thing about our database is that it is not only checked by software alone but our team of experts also checks database manually for any error. At the moment, our database contains abbreviations and short names of all international airports, in total, we have data of over 50.000 airports of the world and we are in process of adding more entries in our database.

Download ICAO names and codes data in excel, csv or sql formats

The ICAO airport codes database is very developer friendly and its available for download in many different formats. You can download the database in Excel, SQL or CSV format. Aviation-edge ensures full support during subscription process and after database download. After subscription, your email will be added to our customer list and every update will reach you by e-mail for 12 months.