Flight Search API for India

India has been the recent shining star of aviation industry with its continuous growth and crowded air traffic. Being one of the main commerce routes in Asia, flight density and the importance of flight tracking is at its best. As of 2019, there are a total of 134 airports in India, including both international and domestic airports. Along with these impressive numbers, a lot of industries are in close watch of the air traffic to and from India. Flight Search API for India is a must-have for many organizations from companies conducting international trade to hospitality agencies.

Aviation Edge allows flight tracking at a global scale, with more than 12.000 flights available on average, on any given moment. Flight Search API for India, and all the easiness it will bring to your business is no longer a dream. With the very affordable, quality and reliable raw flight tracking data we provide, you can now track all flights from and to India with just a click.

With our API, you will have the means to limit the flights you wish to track based on Indian airports you require. Combined with our Schedules API which allows monitoring live schedules of airports, you will be able to concentrate on Indian flights without having to deal with complicated and unfiltered data.

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What Is Included in Indian Flights API

Our Flight Tracker API allows users to implement certain parameters in order to track flights. Below is the list of the parameters you can use to build an Indian Flights API:

  • IATA Flight Number
  • IATA Airline Number
  • IATA Code of the Departure Airport
  • IATA Code of the Arrival Airport
  • ICAO Number of the Aircraft
  • Live Status of the Flight
  • Registration Number of the Aircraft

The live flight search data we provide comes in JSON format! You can see an example of how the Flight Tracker, Schedules and Airline Routes APIs look, which are the most in demand APIs of ours.


Historical Flight Data for India

Our Flight Tracker API provides live data only. But this does not necessarily mean it cannot be of use to you for your historical data needs. It is 100% possible to save on your end the live data we provide. This way, you can create your own historical database of flights from and to India. You can then use this data in order to create your visual map of flights, routes or use the data to bring out new statistical data to determine what the next step of your business should be.

Air India Flight API

Air India is one of the leading airlines in India with its large variety of routes, both domestic and international, and a fleet with a total of 172 aircraft. Air India Flight API is now at the palm of your hand with its reliable, live data. Aviation Edge is here as the flight API service provider in India, to become your business solution with aviation-related data.


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