Flight Search API with Actual Data

Live flight tracking is one of the most beneficial and popular features of big data of our time. Every business and person who is in any way related to or interested in aviation uses aviation big data for growth in their businesses or for pure entertainment.

The Flight Search API (a.k.a the Flight Tracker API) of Aviation Edge makes live flight tracking possible. We provide our clients with all flights happening around the World, all live. With our Flight Search API (the Flight Tracker API) you can choose the parameter to your liking and start getting data, combine them and shape this data into your dream development Project. Example parameters are shown below:

  • flightIata=W8569 
  • airlineIata=W8
  • depIata=MAD
  • arrIata=GIG
  • regNum=CGTCJ
  • aircraftIcao=B752
  • status=en-route
  • limit=2

What Type of Data You Get – How to Make the Best of It

The Flight Search API provides you with all the data shown below:

  • Geography: Location information such as latitude, longitude, altitude and direction.
  • Speed: Vertical and horizontal speed of aircraft.
  • Departure and arrival: IATA codes and ICAO codes of the departure and arrival location.
  • Aircraft and flight: IATA and ICAO number of flight and registration number, ICAO code and ICAO24 code of aircraft.
  • Airline: IATA code and ICAO code of airline.
  • System information: Squawk, status and last updated.


You need more data? We got you covered! Aside from live flight tracker data, we also provide our clients with our detailed aviation database. Our databases include airlines, airplanes, airports, cities, countries, codes, taxes, time zones and more. When combined, possibilities and combinations are endless..

Many of our clients also track the schedules of airports. Our Airport Schedules API is the perfect tool for schedules. When combined with the Flight Search API, you can provide your customers with the most efficient, all-in, live flight data and schedules.

Flight Search Engine – Powered by Aviation Edge!

We all see flight search engines all over the internet. The websites of especially travel agencies, airlines, aviation enthusiasts and flight comparison sites have this amazing feature. With our data, you can now build your own flight search engine for your website which can cover near-historical and near-future data.

For more information on the Flight Tracker API you can visit here.


The data in our massive database can be categorized as two main types. Static and dynamic data.

Static Data is the type of data that does not frequently change, such as the data in databases of airports, airlines, cities, codes etc.

Dynamic Data is on the contrary, ever-changing data which frequently needs updates and validation For example, the data you get by flight tracking via the API and airport timetables.

All of our data comes from official sources and our trusted data partners in aviation industry. We confirm the actuality of the data both automatically and manually to minimize the risks to zero. We know just how important the completeness and the actuality of data is.

Download and Subscription Information

In addition to all of these amazing features, our Premium packages include 24/7 support, the highest up time rate on the market, SLA, constant updates and much, much more. All at a budget-friendly price!

For our clients to test our data, we have a Free Trial version, available now. Instantly get your personal API key via e-mail and get started. All you need to do is to click the buttons on the left and we will send your personal API key to your e-mail address.

We are here for any questions and feedback you may have. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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