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How to - Matching World Geo Database API to ICAO Airport Codes API

An international IATA codes database typically includes airports around the world and their corresponding 3-digit codes. We have taken this idea a few steps forward and created the  IATA database with Geonames ID, among many other details for each airport item that you may retrieve via the API. We aimed to create an all-in-one solution for all developers in aviation or related sectors.  

The database with Geonames ID focuses on both IATA and ICAO airport codes, along with names, airport latitude/longitude values, city codes, country codes, website information, and more. Developers that use our international ICAO airport codes API and extract information from our database regarding airports throughout the world can now match this API to the world geo database API. This allows combining the data from these two in the most useful way. For example, you can track all the information about certain airports (ICAO codes, IATA codes) as well as the time zone in the place or region you check. And what is more, the ICAO Airport Codes API will always return the latest available data when you request a new call, with all the details for each airport in our database. Our system is updated as soon as there are some changes and by connecting it to your server you get access to these changes as well!


Official geolocation API for flight tracking contributes to all APIs in our database. When matched correctly to other APIs it gives quality additional information. Our Premium users get access to valuable data as well as guarantees under our Service Level Agreement (SLA) in relation to data accuracy and server uptime.

Official Geonames Database – Definition

The official Geonames database is a database that contains comprehensive information about different places such as postal codes, time zone or weather information. It also has a web service that lets users take the information they need at a certain time. In total, there exist more than 10 million geographical names, it covers all countries and cities and all items are divided into different categories. Every name of a certain place has specific information about it like population, latitude, longitude, etc. We have included Geonames IDs in our ICAO codes API to expand the content of the API and provide a more inclusive solution. 

Advantages of Our List of All Geonames API for Your Business

If you are working or planning on a project related to the list of all Geonames API, you are probably very well aware of how important it is that the data stored is fresh and up-to-date. We make sure that we gather, analyze and handle data in the best possible way in order to provide our clients with first-rate information and details. Data is constantly changing and your API needs to keep up. Our international Geonames ID API for the aviation industry uses multiple reliable sources. We take data processing and maintaining seriously and we continually strive for the best results.

The data is provided via standalone databases in Excel, SQL and CSV formats, or JSON REST APIs for a developer-friendly integration phase.

A great match!

International geo id API may be successfully combined with some other APIs for the best results. For example, it becomes more useful once it is combined with airport routes or travel patterns. Those who opt for our Premium package also get the possibility to extract information about countries, cities, and time zones. A must-try!

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