Global Flight API

Global Flight API for Individual Developers and Businesses

Flight data searching and flight tracking are becoming easier and easier thanks to APIs. Without having to spend time trying to access data from many different resources, it is now possible to reach a massive amount of aggregated data with a single click. We are here to provide you with the easiest and the most affordable choice of Global Flight API.

Global Flight API can be the main source for you to develop your dream flight-tracker app, virtual flight maps, creating new statistics, track the flights of your loved ones or if you want to simply educate yourself on the subject. Aviation Edge provides you with the raw data you need to achieve your ideas for your business or for your entertainment.

How Does the Global Flight API Work?

We simply provide you with the raw data you need to build your dream project through the respective API of each type of data. Our live data covers both flights and airport schedules around the world. However, our data range does not end here. Along with the live data including the Global Flight API and Schedules API, each Premium subscription allows full access to our passive data as well. That includes detailed data on airports, airlines, airplanes, countries, cities, routes and many more. Premium clients can use all data available completely, including after future updates at no additional charge.

What types of data are included in our Global Flight API?

It is important to get your data in detail. We try to keep the scope of our data as wide as possible to meet the needs of our clients conducting business in many different fields.

Here’s the list of data you will have access to via the API:

  • Geography: Location information such as latitude, longitude, altitude and direction.
  • Speed: Vertical and horizontal speed of aircraft.
  • Departure and arrival: IATA codes and ICAO codes of the departure and arrival location.
  • Aircraft and flight: IATA and ICAO number of flight and registration number, ICAO code and ICAO24 code of aircraft.
  • Airline: IATA code and ICAO code of airline.
  • System information: Squawk, status and last updated.

How can I filter the data?

One of the main questions we receive about the API is “how can I filter the data”?

It is, of course, always possible to filter the data in any way you wish on your end. But how we can support you with filtering is through parameters. We have several different parameters available for the international flight API so that filtering is a bit easier to achieve, rather than displaying a huge amount of data to pick from. Here is the list of all parameters available for this API, each as an example:

  • flightIata=W8569
  • airlineIata=W8
  • depIata=MAD
  • arrIata=GIG
  • regNum=CGTCJ
  • aircraftIcao=B752
  • status=en-route
  • limit=2

International Flight API

Tracking air traffic is not limited to the activities of aircraft only but also airports and airlines. Which is why any one of our Premium subscriptions is at a great advantage – it grants full access to both live and passive data! Feel free to combine, compare and bring out statistics to plan your next business move. International Flight API is for everyone and every business, as well as concerned citizens, who wish to measure the air traffic from many different aspects. We currently cover more than 13.000 international flights in any given moment via our live flight tracker features.

TIP: The Flight Tracker API allows you to monitor all international flights at the same time, via a single API call! When the limit parameter is combined with a drastically high number such as 100000, the API shows all available, live flights with all of the details. If you want to display EVERYTHING on the contrary to filtering methods mentioned above, you can do this at ease without spending any additional API calls.

Subscription and Getting Started

In addition to the amazing features in this article, our Premium packages include 24/7 support, the highest uptime rate on the market, SLA, updates, and much more. All at a budget-friendly price!

For you to test our data thoroughly, we have a HUGE discount rate for the initial month of the subscription. Don’t miss out on prices starting from $7 only! 

You can sign up by clicking the button on the left and get started right away! Your API key, as well as your login information, will be sent to you automatically. 

We are here for any questions and feedback you may have. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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