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The Heliport JSON REST API and database provides useful information on over 12,000 heliports, including a range of types such as those at hospitals, private properties, military installations, and commercial establishments. The API output includes the name, location, identifier, services, type, and other characteristics of each heliport.

  • Heliport name
  • Location
  • Traffic Type
  • Properties (PPR, private, skydive activity…)
  • Available services
Airport Database

Data included in the Heliport API

  • Heliport Name: the official name of the heliport

  • Location: country, coordinates, magnetic declination, elevation, geoid height, height above ellipsoid, sunrise, sunset

  • Identifier: ICAO, IATA

  • Traffic Type:  type of air traffic typically supported by the heliport

  • Properties:  Prior Permission Required (PPR), private, skydive activity, usage restrictions and specializations

  • Handling Facilities: fueling services, maintenance, aircraft storage..

  • Passenger Facilities: lounges, transportation services and other amenities

Sources and Process

Although the specifics of heliports are relatively static and do not frequently change, we continuously ensure that the information provided is current and comprehensive. To keep our Premium clients well-informed, we automatically dispatch an email to the address used during registration whenever there’s a significant update to our databases.

Response Example

“General”: {
“Country”: “Spain (ES)”,
“Name”: “CEUTA”,
“ICAO_Code”: “GECE”,
“IATA_Code”: “N/A”,
“Alternate_Identifier”: “N/A”,
“Type”: “Heliport Civil”,
“Magnetic_Declination”: “-0.285°”
“Properties”: {
“Traffic_Type”: “VFR”,
“PPR”: false,
“Private”: false,
“Skydive_Activity”: false,
“Winch_Only”: false
“Location”: {
“Show_on_map”: true,
“Coordinates_Decimal”: {
“Latitude”: 35.893,
“Longitude”: -5.306
“Coordinates_DMS”: {
“Latitude”: “35°53’34.800\”N”,
“Longitude”: “5°18’21.600\”W”
“Sunrise”: “06:38:47.057 UTC”,
“Sunset”: “17:39:11.783 UTC”,
“Elevation”: {
“MSL”: 3,
“Units”: “m”
“Height_Above_Ellipsoid”: {
“HAE”: 45,
“Units”: “m”
“Geoid_Height”: {
“Height”: 42,
“Units”: “m”
“Available_Services”: {
“Fuel_Types”: “N/A”,
“Handling_Facilities”: “N/A”,
“Passenger_Facilities”: “N/A”,
“Glider_Towing”: “N/A”


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