How Can I Check Flight Location with an API?

          Let’s say you are looking to build a website or an app in which people will be able to track the exact locations of flights in real-time. This can both be a B2C platform where hobbyist or airline passengers track airplanes or a B2B platform where airlines, cargo companies or consignees can keep track of shipments or analyze flight routes. The possibilities are endless. The easiest and the most efficient way to get the data to implement into this project would be with the help of an API. So your next question isHow can I check flight location with an API?”

          What we offer is a fast and all-in-one Flight Tracking API service where you can pull and filter the data in many different ways according to your needs. When our flight tracking data is implemented (for example, to build a live flight location map), your clients will be able to enter a flight number and track that certain flight’s location. Or do they want to focus on all operating flights of a certain airline? No problem! Our Flights Tracker API has this filter. It is even possible to view all airborne flights at once if your platform is strong enough to carry the load. Even though the API is very fast at around 0.3 ms response speed per API call, it returns around 13000 flights at once, worldwide.

Data Included in the Flights Tracker API 

To give the question “How can I check flight location with API?” a satisfying answer, we should first talk about the flight location data itself. The Flights Tracker API that provides this service includes many details but the most important part to answer this question is in the geographical data of airplanes.

The API returns “geography” and “speed” details for each flight in the response.

  • The geography details include the current altitude, direction (degrees from magnetic north), latitude, and longitude values of the aircraft. The “isGround” value indicates whether an aircraft is on the ground or airborne, “0” meaning the first and “1”, the latter.
  • The speed details include the horizontal speed of the aircraft as well as the speed against the ground.
  • All numbers in the response are in metric system which is the international standard.
  • These values give you the exact coordinates of an airplane to track its route throughout the flight. This is particularly useful.

The Flight Tracking Data – How to Get

So, where is the flight tracking data for 13000 flights gathered from? The API may be fast but is the flight tracking data that it returns actually reliable? Yes. The raw data the Flights Tracker API returns is collected through various sources including our trusted data partners in the sector, aviation authorities, as well as other official sources like international organizations and non-governmental organizations when available. This data is then aggregated and stored in our servers and presented to you via REST APIs in JSON formats which is the industry standard.

Accessing this API for flight location data is very easy by a single API key that you can get here. It comes with an API subscription and you may use the same one for as long as your subscription is active. Once you register, you do not have to authorize or unlock the key in any way as it comes in all ready-to-use. With the key, use the below endpoints and if necessary, use available filters to get the exact data you are looking for among 15000 flights:

  • Specific flight based on: Flight IATA Number:
  • All flights of a specific Airlines:
  • Flights from departure location:
  • Flights from arrival location:
  • Flights within a circle area based on lat and lng values and radius as the distance:
  • Combinations: two airports and a specific airline flying between them:

Check Flight Location with API – Start Now!

Mix and match filters for different response ideas. Implement multiple APIs to expand the information the project is going to cover and reach a wider clientele. For example, airline information is limited to IATA/ICAO codes and full airline names for the flight tracking data. By implementing the Airlines API along with the Flights Tracker API, get your clients to receive detailed airline information when they click on or select a flight on your “live flight map”. Any API key grants access to our complete list of APIs, so make sure you benefit from as many of them as you want.

Want to find out more about the API?

  • Check our developer page for all endpoint and filter information + sample API responses
  • Visit the product page
  • Contact support to tell us about the project you have in mind and exchange ideas. Ask us anything and we will get back to you asap.

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