IATA Codes API and Database – IATA Number Lookup

IATA Number Lookup Codes & Format

Our IATA number lookup has the complete list of all IATA codes parallel with the official IATA code lookup found in the official IATA website. On top of that, our list comes with all the information that is useful in the travel and aviation industry to help you reach all related data at the same time. 

To make the data more useful we’ve matched the IATA codes with useful information about the airports, airplanes, airlines, and provide useful features such as the flight tracking, nearby service, the autocomplete, and much more related to the international IATA codes API. You can already use the IATA lookup to access all IATA codes database straight from our website homepage and do an IATA number lookup. 

Information found in our IATA API and database includes:
  • IATA booking codes 
  • 3 letter IATA codes
  • Country IATA codes 
  • IATA location codes 
  • IATA location codes 
  • City IATA codes 
  • IATA numeric code 
  • Airplane IATA codes 

IATA Number Format

Our complete IATA number list is carefully maintained. That is how we are always up to date and so are our customers.  You can do an IATA lookup at any time and form an IATA number format that is in the best suitable form for your development needsOur server has 99.98% uptime to never waste our clients’ time with technical difficulties. This means that the IATA code lookup and all the related information is always available for you.

IATA Booking Codes

We have many types of clients for many different reasons. We have flight tracking websites and big data aggregators for study purposes as well as big development projectsOur clients use our IATA booking codes for many reasons and the extra information we provide is a big factor why we are the fastest growing aviation data provider. In case you aim to use our services to bring data to your clients directly, with us you can be sure that the IATA and ICAO data is accurate and up to date with all the world IATA codes. This will allow you to solely focus on building up your project and take your concerns away from the reliability of the data you are using. Join us to save on time and costs and let us be your solution partner in expanding your business. 

You can try right now with no commitments! Get your free sample by clicking the button on the right and see for yourself if we have the exact data you need!

In case you need more detailed information, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always interested in hearing the projects of our clients and make sure to find a one-on-one solution to every question.

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