ICAO codes database and API

Our list of all ICAO code database is comparable to the official ICAO code list on the official website. However, our list comes with all the information that is useful in the aviation and travel industry on top of that. We match the ICAO IATA codes with all the information about the airlines, airplanes, airports and provide useful features such as the nearby service, the autocomplete, the flight tracking and much more related to the international ICAO codes. On our website, you can already use the ICAO lookup to access all ICAO codes database and do an ICAO number lookup.

We maintain our complete ICAO number list carefully to be able to assure our customers that it’s always up to date. That at any time they can do an ICAO code lookup. Our server has an uptime of 99.98%, meaning that the IATA and ICAO list download and all the related information is constantly available.

Our ICAO database download and ICAO API:

  • ICAO location codes
  • ICAO booking codes
  • ICAO numeric code
  • 3 letter ICAO download
  • Country ICAO codes
  • City ICAO codes
  • Airport ICAO codes

Our clients are very broad, from booking agencies to tracking websites, they all use our ICAO codes download for their own reasons. If you are doing an ICAO code search as a travel agent, you will probably use our service to help your clients that use your platform. With us you can guarantee that the ICAO and IATA data is up to date and accurate with all the world ICAO codes.

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