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The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) is an institute under the United Nations which plays an important role in the planning and development of international air transport. It is currently in relation with 192 member states and its codes are internationally accepted and used every day. ICAO codes of airlines are widely used for all sorts of projects in the aviation industry, and an international ICAO codes API comes in very handy for the developers.

Independent developers and companies that cooperate with aircraft agencies and airlines, in general, should have the access to the list of all ICAO related codes. The problem occurs when the list is changed or updated since new airlines are founded and older ones are sometimes closed. Individually tracking down every piece of ICAO data and following up on the changes can be very exhausting and time-consuming. Fortunately, you can always rely on our international ICAO codes API which is a JSON REST API with the highest uptime rates.

It is perfectly suitable for the aviation industry. What does this really mean for especially developers? What is the best advantage? Basically, this means that you will not have to worry about any changes and the reliability of the data once you connect your software to our database. You will not have the maintain a  database yourself on your  end, and rely on external data to focus on your project.

We can headline the ICAO codes list as ICAO airport codes, ICAO aircraft codes, ICAO equipment codes, ICAO three-letter airline codes which we all have included in our international ICAO Codes API. If you prefer a standalone database version, it also comes as an ICAO codes database in Excel, CSV, and SQL formats. Choose the best format for you according to your project.

Advantages of Our International ICAO Airline codes API

Aviation Edge is the fastest growing aviation data provider! Here’s a quick look on our understanding of providing service to our clients: 

Firstly, we keep track and record any changes in the airline world. These details can have a considerable impact on your business. We update our database in accordance with the changes. We respond to requests about updates within 24 hours. For companies whose businesses depend on air traffic, it is a risky move to count on one stable list of aviation codes and depend on it for a long time. That is how our international ICAO airline codes API eases this whole process. 

Secondly, with the premium membership, we offer a Service Level Agreement that guarantees our server to be online at a very high percentage. This puts us as the top-growing data service provider in the aviation industry. Any change that might occur, no matter how minor it is, let us know and we will manually update our database without having to wait for the next update. On top of this, we offer the widest range of data available in the industry. Aviation Edge ICAO codes API aims to be an all-in-one solution for the developers in the sector.

Last but not least, we put our customers first and we do our best to satisfy their expectations. We provide constant support with our ICAO airline codes API and get back to you within 24 hours at the latest, with any requests you may have. In order to ensure our clients’ contentment, we are constantly improving our database of ICAO airline codes. Choosing our innovative API system for your business means you are aware that today’s business world depends on information and the means of reaching it.
Do not let your hard work come to a standstill as a result of insufficient data support. Our official ICAO airline codes API for developers is here for you to ensure your business really takes off and becomes profitable. We promise accuracy, we promise reliability, we promise quality.

ICAO Airport Codes

ICAO airport codes database is considered essential for solutions in the aviation industry. The fact that each code is unique and internationally accepted, helps parties in the sector avoid any kind of miscommunication. All airport ICAO codes can be accessed via our database and API services.

ICAO Aircraft Codes

ICAO aircraft codes are the registered codes, unique for each aircraft, used along with IATA codes to control air traffic. It is an essential type of data for especially flight tracking, traveling and freight services.


ICAO Equipment Codes

ICAO equipment codes are the basically the same as ICAO aircraft codes. The term “equipment” often refers to aircraft in aviation. These are the codes that are created by ICAO to help determine especially for pilots and aviation managers which aircraft to track. This information enables to discover the specifications of an aircraft which can be a great asset for aviation businesses such as aircraft lease agencies, manufacturers, airlines, travel agencies and many more.


ICAO Three Letter Airline Codes

ICAO airline codes are also the codes that used in line with airport codes. These are three letter codes, also defined by ICAO but assigned to every aircraft operating agency or aeronautical authority. All related data is included in our databases to provide you a full-package.


How to Make the Best Use of APIs

For maximizing the use of the ICAO codes list, try to connect via ICAO airline API and our other data points. For example, you can match it with the airline IATA code and the name of airlines or their call sign. Perhaps even more interesting is a combination with the benchmark or airline performance metrics. We also have all data about the airline such as the founding year, their age, their phone number, and website. 

If you want to find out more about our Premium packages and what it includes, we are here to answer! With every Premium package, we guarantee with our Service Level Agreement (SLA), top-level accuracy, and transfer speed. 

If you have any questions or feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us! 

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