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Aviation Edge Satellite Tracking API

There are thousands of satellites that are currently orbiting around the world. Developers and businesses are coming up with new projects that involves live satellite data every day. Satellites are artificial objects that are launched into space to do a certain job and bring certain data about it. Accordingly, the usage field of the Satellite Tracking API data is just as wide.

A satellite can provide us data about weather, analyze cloud patterns, send TV signals, play role in connecting the world through the internet, gather information about our planet, the atmosphere and the outer space (think about star maps, black holes and quasars, planets, planetary surfaces – all the exciting stuff!), help maintaining national security, send and receive signals and so on. However, for any of these purposes, locating the live positions of satellites is an important key.

Aviation Edge Satellite Tracking API not only provides live location data for satellites but also detailed, passive data on them. Detailed list below.

Perfect to build your own map or determine the satellites that designated for a specific purpose and make your research on these. Detailed but easy-to-access data is perfect to build your dream app or software. It is possible to track satellites using NORAD two-line element sets via the Satellite Tracking API.

Your customers will find the data very useful. The response times are always fast, meaning that this API will save you a lot of time and effort during the development phase, too.

Constantly updating data will make sure you have the latest available data at all times.

Increase the value of your project with the Aviation Edge Satellite Tracking API.

What can you expect from the Satellite Tracking API – The Data Inside.

The API has a very wide range of passive and live data. You can find:

  • The NORAD code
  • Country
  • International designator code
  • Full launch date and number
  • Launch part
  • Full satellite name
  • Orbital apogee, perigee and period
  • ECI coordinates
  • Altitude, latitude, longitude values,
  • Classification
  • Orbit and right ascension values
  • TLE (Two-Line Element Set) 

Satellite Tracker Data - Access Information

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