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We believe any company whose job is related to the aviation industry will find convenience in using the complete database of airline names with API. Approximately, there are around 5000 airlines in the world nowadays. Now imagine having all data of these airlines at the palm of your hand!

In the past, almost every country had its own national airline. In these cases, the name of the airline resembled the name of the country or anything close to it. For instance, France had Air France, Switzerland had Swissair, Spain had Iberia. It was much easier to relate the airline to the country it belonged. Nowadays, everything has changed. But the importance of the world list of airline names for flight tracking has remained the same.

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Our official airline names database for developers is always updated!

Booking agencies need access to official airline names database on daily basis. It is also useful for flight tracking, developers working in the aviation industry and in general, everyone connected to it. It happens, once in awhile, that airlines change the owners and possibly change the name. It is really important to be familiar with all the changes in order to make your service precise. Our official airline names database for developers is updated and checked every time we notice a change. Our content serves to improve travel websites and similar applications. The data we offer in our complete list of airline names API is correct and accurate. We understand that it is not something that changes too often but nevertheless it deserves our close attention.

A great match!
For the best experience and usage, you should try to combine this API with others that we offer. It would be useful to combine it with IATA codes of airline API. Also, international airline names API for flights tracking gives the best results when combined with airline routes API or even ID for Geonames API. In that way you can get all the necessary information for each flight you select. Combinations are different and they depend on what you want to get.

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