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The Airport Runways API is a database and JSON API that offers data on over 60000 airport runways. The API provides essential runway details including length, surface conditions, orientations, visual range, and data crucial for flight operations like takeoff run availability, takeoff distance and landing distance. This straightforward and functional tool is useful for those in aviation needing accurate runway information for various operational and planning purposes. Despite its nature as a static database, it undergoes regular updates to ensure the highest level of accuracy and the provision of the most current data available.

Airport Database

Data in our Runway Database includes:

  • Runway length and width: Indicates the length and witdth of the runway
  • Surface conditions: Describes whether the runway is paved (like asphalt or concrete) or unpaved (like grass or gravel)
  • Runway orientations: Refers to the direction the runway is laid out, vital for takeoffs and landings in relation to wind conditions. For example, Runway 09/27 means it’s oriented approximately east-west.
  • Runway visual range: Measures how far pilots can see runway markings or lights, critical in poor visibility. 
  • Takeoff run availability: The length of runway available for the aircraft’s acceleration during takeoff. 
  • Takeoff distance: The total distance an aircraft needs to take off and reach a certain height. 
  • Landing distance: The required length for an aircraft to stop after landing.

What is Inside the Database

Even though airport runways do not constantly change and can be considered as static data, we always make sure it is up-to-date and contains complete information that is available. We also make sure our Premium clients are always informed by automatically sending an e-mail to the e-mail address used for the registration whenever there is a major update on the databases.


Response Example

“airport_code”: “LHBP”,
“airport_type”: “large_airport”,
“airport_name”: “Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport”,
“geo_latitude”: 47.42976,
“geo_longitude”: 19.261093,
“altitude_ft”: “495”,
“region_continent”: “EU”,
“country_code”: “HU”,
“area_region”: “HU-PE”,
“city_name”: “Budapest”,
“regular_service”: “yes”,
“code_gps”: “LHBP”,
“code_iata”: “BUD”,
“code_local”: “”,
“url_official”: “”,
“url_wikipedia”: “”,
“additional_keywords”: “Ferihegyi nemzetközi repülőtér, Budapest Liszt Ferenc international Airport”,
“code_icao”: “LHBP”,
“airport_runways”: [
“runway_id”: “236449”,
“ref_airport”: “4296”,
“ident_airport”: “LHBP”,
“runway_length”: “12162”,
“runway_width”: “149”,
“runway_surface”: “CON”,
“runway_lighted”: “1”,
“runway_closed”: “0”,
“runway_le_ident”: “13L”,
“runway_le_geo_lat”: “47.4454”,
“runway_le_geo_long”: “19.2575”,
“runway_le_alt_ft”: “495”,
“runway_le_heading_degT”: “132.4”,
“runway_le_displaced_threshold_ft”: “”,
“runway_he_ident”: “31R”,
“runway_he_geo_lat”: “47.423”,
“runway_he_geo_long”: “19.2939”,
“runway_he_alt_ft”: “417”,
“runway_he_heading_degT”: “312.4”,
“runway_he_displaced_threshold_ft”: “”,
“runway_he_ils”: {
“runway_he_ils_freq”: 109.5,
“runway_he_ils_course”: 307
“runway_le_ils”: {
“runway_le_ils_freq”: 109.15,
“runway_le_ils_course”: 127
“runway_orientation”: “East-West”,
“runway_visual_range”: “1500m”,
“takeoff_run_availability”: “3658 meters”,
“takeoff_distance”: “3962 meters”,
“landing_distance”: “3353 meters”

Download Information

Runway database download is available in Excel, csv or sql formats. Also available through its respective API, the Runway API through an Aviation Edge API key.

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Aviation Edge Aiport Runway Database is available for download in Excel, csv or sql format to make sure you can choose the most functional way to use our data. Another method to reach the data in the database is to connect through the API services we provide. Our APIs are automatically updated as new information flows in.  

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