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The Best Substitute for Google Flight API

Google Flight API is the useful tool we all find likable and trust-worthy that allows searching flights by date, departure or arrival points, airlines and other details. It also lets users compare prices, dates and times which makes it a pretty convenient tool for booking software. Especially when you combine it with other travel APIs for booking accommodation and airport transfer, it is the “whole package”. That is surely valid for both passengers themselves and the developers. With its reliable data, Google API for flights also serves as comparison data in cases the data at hand seems a bit odd.

But with QPX APIs the company launched no longer around (specifically QPX for Enterprises and QPX Express), we are happy to introduce you to our data which does not require double-checking. It comes with many other advantages that will save you time and money. Find out more below!

Google API Key for Flights

Flight Google API has been the guideline of developers who aim to build aviation or travel related software. When the company decided to shut QPX Flight API and QPX Express API down, the search for a substitute began among developers. Even though many providers aim to offer the same quality of data, the price point is usually just as high, accordingly. As a small and enthusiastic team, we want to offer our clients the same quality a Google Flight API key aims to provide you, but with much more affordable prices and a caring and easy-to-reach support team. Our many clients in both software development and aviation fields prove us right!

Google Flights API Pricing

You can trace Google Flights API pricing information online if you are looking for a new provider and would like to compare prices. Since new registrations are no longer possible as of this year, 2019, many developers are still looking for an alternative service to compare with Google Flights API pricing. This is where we, Aviation Edge, come in to save the day!

Google API Key for Flights

It had been possible to register for a Google API key for flights with its services launched under 2 options: QPX for enterprise API and QPX Express API. The latter was designed to be a version of the QPX flight API to be used by smaller businesses and was indeed, widely used. Google API key for flights may be a bit tricky to get these day as Google decided to cease the APIs as of April 2018.

…which is why Aviation Edge is the perfect new API provider with its reliable data and very affordable prices. You receive your personal API key for flights right away automatically, too. This API key allows access to many different types of live and passive aviation data, including the live data Google Flight API aims to cover. If you have been a Google Flights API user, our guess is that you already require the following data and Aviation Edge flight API key allows you access to the massive amount of data the Google flights API key covered:

Flight Tracker API

  • Geography: Location information such as latitude, longitude, altitude and direction.
  • Speed: Vertical and horizontal speed of aircraft.
  • Departure and arrival: IATA codes and ICAO codes of the departure and arrival location.
  • Aircraft and flight: IATA and ICAO number of flight and registration number, ICAO code and       ICAO24 code of aircraft.
  • Airline: IATA code and ICAO code of airline.
  • System information: Squawk, status and last updated.

Airport Schedules API

  • Status of the flight: active, scheduled, landed, cancelled, incident, diverted, redirected.
  • Location: departure/arrival: Airport IATA code, ICAO code, Terminal, Gate.
  • Take-off information: delay, the scheduled, estimated and actual time on runway and that of      departure/arrival.
  • Airline: Name, IATA code and ICAO code.
  • Flight: Number of Flight, IATA prefix with flight number and ICAO prefix with flight number.

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We are confident and certain you will say “this is what I’ve been looking for” when you subscribe to one of our affordable Premium packages. We are aware looking for a perfect substitute might be a very frustrating and time-consuming process. Without having to spend any more time and money, we’d like to introduce you to the massive and reliable data of Aviation Edge!

Our Premium packages include 24/7 support, the highest up time rate on the market, a SLA, upcoming APIs and much more. 

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Sign up by clicking the button on the left and get started right away! Or check out our developers’ page one more time before you decide. We are here for any questions and feedback you may have. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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