Where Can I Get Aviation Database?

Finding a complete and extensive database is the first step to take when you are looking to develop a product. Maybe even the hardest part. Developers occasionally choose to create their own databases by aggregating data from various sources. This obviously takes a great deal of time and effort and the final result often does not come up as satisfactory.

If the project is in any way related to aviation, your ultimate question, “Where can I get aviation database?” finds its answer here! In this article, we will talk about 7 different, client-favorite aviation databases that we provide. Each focus on a different subject in detail. It is possible to purchase them separately or together as a Complete Database at a real nice discount. Without further ado, here are the titles of the databases so that you can navigate your way around the article more easily:

  • Airports Database
  • Airlines Database
  • Airplanes Database
  • Cities Database
  • Countries Database
  • Taxes Database
  • Time zones Database

All databases come in XML, CSV and SQL formats (all three) once you purchase the full version. If you prefer JSON format via API instead, we also have this available with an API subscription. Feel free to check out all options on our Premium API page or contact us if you have any questions.

Download Airports Database

Airports Database provides detailed data on airports around the world, either be small, big, local or international. It has more than 10000 items in it.

The details include:

  • Airport IATA and ICAO codes
  • Airport names
  • Country codes in ISO2 form
  • IATA city codes
  • Latitude and longitude values of the airports
  • Airport name translations (even more languages are on the way!)
  • Time zones and GMT information
  • Phones and websites
  • Geoname IDs and Aviation Edge Airport IDs
  • Route numbers
  •  Country name

Download Airlines Database

Airlines Database is an all-in-one source for information about airlines operating all around the world. With more than 13000 airlines in it, the database offers these details:

  • Airline IATA and ICAO codes
  • Airline names
  • Aviation Edge Airline IDs
  • IATA prefix accounting codes
  • Codehubs
  • Airline types (scheduled/cargo/charter/private etc.)
  • Country codes in ISO2 form
  • Country names of the airlines
  • Slugs
  • Status (active/historical/disabled etc.)
  • Callsigns
  • Year founded
  • Fleet age and size
  • Website, Twitter, Facebook pages

Download Airplanes Database

Airplanes Database focuses on active and historically used aircraft that are registered to the relevant National Aviation Authority (NAA) of the aircraft. Currently, around 20000 aircraft is included in the database.

Here’s what you can find in it:

  • Registration numbers
  • Aviation Edge Airplane IDs
  • Hex ICAO codes
  • IATA plane codes (short and long in two different columns)
  • IATA plane type codes
  • Production line of the aircraft
  • Plane models and model codes
  • First flight dates
  • Registration/rollout/delivery dates
  • Construction and line numbers
  • Plane series
  • IATA codes of the airline of the aircraft
  • Plane owners
  • Engine types (jet/turboprop) and engines count
  • Plane age
  • Plane status (active/inactive)

Cities Database Download

Cities Database obviously has countless use-fields that are not limited to aviation-related projects. If you are looking for a Cities Database for your project and happened to have stumbled upon our blog post, don’t leave just yet! Especially our cities and countries database (mentioned below) have been a great use for developers both inside and outside of the aviation sector.

With around 10000 items in it, the Cities Database includes these details:

  • IATA city codes
  • Country codes in ISO2 form
  • Latitude and longitude values of the cities
  • Time zones and GMT
  • City name translations (even more languages are on the way!)
  • Geoname IDs and Aviation Edge City IDs

Countries Database Download

Countries Database is a complete database with 249 items in it. Even though Google may say there are 195 countries in the world, according to ISO country codes standard, there are 249 countries in total, 195 of them being recognized as independent. Our database relies on ISO standard. Here are the details in it:

  • County ISO2 and ISO3 codes
  • Country names
  • Aviation Edge Country IDs
  • Currency codes and names
  • Country name translations (even more languages are on the way!)
  • Fips codes

Taxes Database Download


Taxes Database focuses on aviation related taxes.

  • IATA tax codes
  • Aviation Edge Tax IDs
  • Tax names (names also act as short descriptions that explain the nature of the taxes)

Time Zones Database Download

Time zones Database is an all-in-one database for all 418 time zones in the world. Particularly useful when you are looking to provide extra information to your clients about flight schedules.

  • Time zone names
  • Aviation Edge Time Zone IDs
  • Country ISO2 codes
  • GMT and DST (Daylight saving time)

Aviation Database Download Information

We hope this article has helped you a bit with your search, “Where can I get aviation database?” You may purchase the databases separately here or as a complete bundle here to save money. After you purchase a database, you may download your databases on your dashboard right away for an infinite number of times. On top of all, you will have access to all updates in the futures at no additional costs! Our team is happy to help you if you have any questions. Feel free to send us an email anytime.

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