Database of 2 digit and 3 digit ISO codes of countries


The importance of international country codes list

Having access to the complete list of international country codes has many advantages and the first one would be easier communication, understanding and identifying, when each of these is needed in your business. Nowadays, many companies have to use this kind of data to provide the best service for their customers. When it comes to database of country codes for flight tracking, they are exceptionally useful for airliners and airports, booking agencies, cargo transporters, corporate booking platforms and countless more.

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Two types of country codes – 2 digit and 3 digit codes of countries

The ISO codes of countries are internationally recognized codes assigned to each country or a dependent area and they can be combinations of two or three letters. Two digit codes of countries are the most used ones and their most popular usage is for Internet country code top level domain. Also, they are used as a base for some other codes like currency codes. On the other hand, three digit codes are mostly used for machine-readable passports. These codes are also visually associated with the countries they represent.

Reasons to choose our database of 2 digit and 3 digit ISO codes of countries?

We highly recommend that you choose our database of 2 digit and 3 digit ISO codes of countries because we are aware that our customers need factual data and we take our mission seriously. Updating our database is one of our priorities because we understand the importance of that for our clients and their companies. When you opt for our service and connect your software to our complete list of country ISO codes API for developers, you do not have to worry about changes or updates since we take care of it. We collect data from official sources in order to secure that we record any important changes.

A great match!
In order to make your business grow fast, we made it possible for you to combine our APIs and to get the best out of them. Or you can download our database directly. Matching official 2 digit and 3 digit ISO country codes API to the international numeric ISO country codes API may help you ease the choice and decide what is that you exactly need for each purpose. Even better results may be acquired if you match it to the list of all airport routes API. Combinations are numerous and it is your decision what you need to combine.

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