Database of Numeric ISO Code of the Country

Reasons to Use Our Database of All Numeric ISO Country Codes API

Once your business relies on information about countries and specific locations, our API of numeric ISO country codes database will ease the communication and understanding of the main processes inside your company. There are also other country codes made of letters (2 digit and 3 digit codes) but since they are all made of Latin alphabet, it could be inconvenient for countries that use different alphabet (such as Japan or Arabic countries) to use them. This is one of the reasons to opt for the list of numeric ISO country codes and avoid any confusion.

Numeric ISO country codes database consists of 3 digit numeric codes that represent countries or dependent territories and they also correspond to the codes which are developed by United Nations Statistics Division. Another advantage you should be aware of is that when a certain country splits, it gets new numeric code while the one made of alphabet stays the same. This is why an API like ours is so useful to be sure to always have the full list of numeric country codes.

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Using complete list of numeric ISO country codes API may immensely influence the quality of your business and we guarantee you that our database will provide you with accurate, factual and detailed data. A Service Level Agreement (SLA) is provided which guarantees top level data accuracy and speed of the data transfer as well as server up-time. This comes with our Premium packages. See more down below!

Our official numeric country ISO codes API is going to improve your business!

When you implement our official numeric country ISO codes API for the aviation industry and our service, the information and data you get are up-to-date, double checked and accurate. You do not have to think whether something has changed in relation to that subject, your software will get all the latest information, constantly. We make sure that we fulfill your expectations and we promise to provide you with the facts. If you opt for our unique numeric ISO country codes database, you will get access to the most comprehensive and database of codes which combined to our other APIs will improve your company’s performance.

A great match!
For the complete success you should try to match database of all numeric ISO countries API to the other APIs we offer. For example, matching it to the world geo database API will give you the most detailed information you need about any country or area. Also, you will be satisfied with the amount of useful data you may get once you combine it to other country codes we offer that is 2 digit and 3 digit ISO codes of the country.


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