Numeric ISO Code of Country API

Numeric ISO Country Codes API for Developers

If you have a project that requires displaying country names and their numeric ISO codes, we offer an easy and top-quality solution. Aviation Edge Numeric ISO Country Codes API is a full, global country name and code data solution with easy integration.

Numeric ISO Country Codes Database not only includes names+ISO codes but other useful details. It includes names, name translations, 2 digit and 3-digit universal country codes, currency, continent, population, capital city information, and more. Since  (2 digit and 3 digit codes) are used universally, this information is a must-have on your platform to avoid any confusion. Numeric ISO country codes database consists of 3 digit numeric codes that represent countries or dependent territories and they also correspond to the codes. These are developed by United Nations Statistics Division. Another advantage is that when a certain country splits, it gets a new numeric code while the one made of the alphabet stays the same. This is why an API like ours is so useful to be sure to always have the full list of numeric country codes. The world is changing and your data should adapt to it. 


Using the complete list of numeric ISO country codes API may immensely influence the quality of your business. Get strong data for strong websites, mobile apps, and platforms. API use is subject to a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with many great features and guarantees on server uptimes, support rate, and more. All this and more comes with our Premium packages. See more down below and subscribe within a minute!

Official numeric country ISO codes API to improve your business!

When you implement our official numeric country ISO codes API for the aviation industry and our service, the information and data you get are up-to-date, double-checked and accurate. You do not have to think whether something has changed in relation to that subject, your software will get all the latest information, constantly. We make sure that we fulfill your expectations and we promise to provide you with the facts. If you opt for our unique numeric ISO country codes database, you will get access to the most comprehensive and database of codes that combined with our other APIs will improve your company’s performance.

A great match!

The Premium API plans we offer will grant you access to our complete list of APIs and not just the Numeric Country ISO Codes API. Mix and match APIs to extend the data you offer to your clients on your products. For example, matching it to the world geo database API will give you the most detailed information you need about any country or area. Also, you will be satisfied with the amount of useful data you may get once you combine it with other country codes we offer that are 2 digit and 3 digit ISO codes of the country.


Go ahead and check our Premium API plans that come,  with a set of guarantees of data accuracy, server uptime and transfer speed and more for the best client experience. With the discount advantages that start at $7 only for the first month, test the data first-hand to see if we have the exact data you are looking for. Use the SDKs and tools of your choice to make sure your access to our data is convenient and developer-friendly. For your convenience, we offer this extensive data in the form of both JSON REST API and as a standalone database in Excel, CSV and SQL formats.

You can give our databases and API services a try by clicking the button on the left. Get your personal API key and get started! Or get the standalone database version in three formats. Don’t miss the limited-time huge discounts of up to 95% for the first month!

If you have any questions or feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us! Our team will make sure to offer you a one-on-one solution.

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