Aircraft Ownership API

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The Aircraft Owner API is a database and JSON REST API that provides current and historical data on aircraft owners, maintenance history, the aircraft’s insurance, and the number of flight hours.

  • Aircraft information
  • Ownership details
  • Maintenance history
  •  Number of flight hours
  • Insurance

Data included in the Aircraft Owner API

  • Aircraft Information: aircraft type, year of manufacture, serial number
  • Ownership Details: name, contact details, and ownership rights
  • Maintenance History: conducted repairs, maintenance activities
  • Insurance: insurer’s name, coverage details, and the period of insurance validity
  • Number of flight hours

Sources and Process

Aviation-Edge aggregates data from various aviation registries, insurance databases, and flight operation records. We meticulously verify and cross-reference this data for accuracy and completeness.

Continuous updates are made to the database to reflect the latest information in aircraft ownership, insurance details, and flight hours.

Aircraft Ownership API Output - Developer Information

Airplane ownership history based on registration number:[API_KEY]®_number=N12345

Airplanes belonging to a specific owner:[API_KEY]&owner=John-Doe

Response Example

Track status of individual flights
Track flights of complete airlines
Track flights of complete airlines
“aircraft”: {
“registration_number”: “N12345”,
“make”: “Cessna”,
“model”: “172”,
“year_of_manufacture”: 2005
“owner”: {
“owner_id”: “O-78910”,
“name”: “John Doe”,
“contact_info”: {
“email”: “”,
“phone”: “+1234567890”
“insurance”: {
“policy_number”: “INS-56789”,
“provider”: “Global Aviation Insurers”,
“coverage_type”: “Full”,
“validity”: {
“start_date”: “2023-01-01”,
“end_date”: “2024-01-01”
“flight_hours”: {
“total_hours”: 1200,
“last_recorded”: “2023-04-15”,
“hours_since_last_service”: 50
“maintenance”: {
“last_service_date”: “2023-04-01”,
“service_type”: “Annual Inspection”,
“service_details”: {
“engine_check”: true,
“avionics_update”: false,
“airframe_inspection”: true
“next_due_service”: {
“due_date”: “2024-04-01”,
“service_type”: “Annual Inspection”

The Aircraft Ownership API – A Comprehensive Database

Use Fields and Advantages

The Airplane Owner API serves a diverse range of users, each finding unique value in our database. Aircraft traders and buyers, for instance, can benefit from this API by accessing historical data about an aircraft including ownership details, maintenance history and flight hours, such information is invaluable during the process of purchasing or selling an aircraft.

Similarly, aircraft insurance companies can utilize the API to gain insights into an aircraft’s insurance history and current coverage. This data is essential for conducting thorough risk assessments and underwriting insurance policies accurately. For aviation maintenance firms, the API is a treasure trove of information, providing them with past repair records and maintenance activities, which allows them to effectively plan future maintenance and service needs, ensuring aircraft are always in top condition.

Aviation Databases

Aviation Edge provides much more than merely the Aircraft Ownership Database. While the API can be purchased on its own, opting for the full database package unlocks a wealth of valuable data. This includes information on aircrafts, airlines, airports, cities, countries, taxes and time zones. By the integration of these diverse resources, you can build a comprehensive aviation app that provides practical insights for everyone involved in the aviation industry.

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