Get Live Satellite Tracking Data With Our Satellite Tracker API

The API can be used to track on-orbit objects that are in the public satellite catalog (SATCAT). The data includes both live location values as well as general, passive data on the satellites. Our data is convenient, easy to use, filter and track which makes the API the perfect tool to build your dream project. Our newest API comes in a bundle that allows you to use your API key with our other aviation-related APIs as well. Use the data to build apps, software or live maps or track individual satellites that interest you. Perfect for space-savvy enthusiasts, developers and their clients.

Data included in the Satellite Tracker API

You may get all on-orbit object information in 1 API call or track them individually or even filter them based on a specific group (like launch year, country of origin etc.). All values in a standard response from the API can be used as individual parameters. Using the "&limit=" parameter with a drastically high value will let you get all available data via a single API call. Make new calls frequently to update the live data for a smooth tracking experience.

  • Geography: Location information such as latitude, longitude, altitude and direction.
  • Core satellite data: Core details of the satellite such as the NORAD code, country of origin, name, and size
  • Launch details: Exact launch date, year, number and part.
  • ECI (Earth-centered inertial) Coordinates: The coordinates (position) of the satellite that are defined as the distance from the origin along the three orthogonal (mutually perpendicular) axes.
  • Geographical location: Altitude, latitude and longitude values of the satellite's current location
  • Orbit and ascension values: Orbital apogee, perigee, inclination and period  as well as right ascension values of the satellite
  • TLE (Two-line Element Set): The two-line standard designation of satellite data consisting of satellite number, launch date and the parameters of its orbit

Sources and process

The objects you can track with the API are catalogued, on-orbit objects. The data is gathered from our data partners around the world, as well as official sources before presented in the API. Satellite position details update constantly. The Satellite Tracker API aims to give clients the raw, detailed data which they can use to build applications, softwares and other tools for their customers.

Satellite Tracker API Output - Developer Information

All on-orbit satellite information in one call:

Individual satellites based on NORAD number:

Satellites based on launch year:

Individual satellites based on international designator (NSSDC ID) number:

Filtering based on orbital apogee and perigee

Response Example

"idLaunchPiece":"EH ",
"tle1":"1 408U 61015EH 20129.79820524 -.00000021 +00000-0 +54301-4 0 9997",
"tle2":"2 408 066.7883 021.7828 0070545 199.3274 220.5694 13.74946678998881",