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Seatmaps covering hundreds of aircraft types for numerous airlines

The airplane seat configuration database is an extensive collection of data detailing the seating arrangements and specifications for various aircraft models used by airlines. The users can access share details like class configuration, seat pitch, seat width, seat arrangement and in-flight amenitites. The continuously updated database is accessible as a JSON API or available for download in Excel, CSV, or SQL formats.

Aircraft Database

Data in our Seat Configuration Database includes:

  • Aircraft Type: the model of the aircraft
  • Airline: the airline operating the aircraft
  • Class Configuration: the class layout, such as Economy, Business, and First Class
  • Seat Pitch:  indicating legroom
  • Seat Width: the width of the seat, an important factor for passenger comfort.
  • Seat Arrangement: the layout of seats in rows and columns, typically denoted as numbers (rows) and letters (seats)
  • In-Flight Amenities: in-flight entertainment systems, power outlets,  Wi-Fi availability etc.
  • Special Seating: exit row seats, bulkhead seats, seats with restricted recline etc.
  • Total Seat Count: total number of seats available in the aircraft.

Our sources

We believe the actuality of our data is the key. We gather our data from official sources such as airline websites, aircraft manufacturers’ specifications, and aviation databases and our many trusted partners in aviation industry.  


Response Example

“aircraft_type”: “Boeing 777”,
“airline”: “Example Airlines”,
“class_configuration”: {
“economy”: {
“number_of_seats”: 200,
“seat_pitch”: “31 inches”,
“seat_width”: “17 inches”,
“seat_arrangement”: “3-4-3”
“business”: {
“number_of_seats”: 50,
“seat_pitch”: “60 inches”,
“seat_width”: “21 inches”,
“seat_arrangement”: “2-3-2”
“first_class”: {
“number_of_seats”: 10,
“seat_pitch”: “78 inches”,
“seat_width”: “22 inches”,
“seat_arrangement”: “1-2-1”
“in_flight_amenities”: {
“economy”: [“In-flight entertainment system”, “USB power outlet”],
“business”: [“In-flight entertainment system”, “AC power outlet”, “Wi-Fi”],
“first_class”: [“In-flight entertainment system”, “AC power outlet”, “Wi-Fi”, “Enhanced Dining”]
“special_seating”: {
“exit_row”: [“Extra legroom”, “Limited recline”],
“bulkhead”: [“Extra legroom”],
“restricted_recline”: [“Last row”]
“total_seat_count”: 260

Download Information

The Airplane Seat Map Database download is available in Excel, csv or sql formats to make sure you can choose the most functional option for you. You can also reach the database through the API services we provide. We are constantly gathering new data and expanding our database.  

We take the actuality of our data seriously. Whenever there is a major update, we inform our clients via automatically sent e-mails and make sure they are always informed. We focus on the convenience of our clients so they can concentrate on their projects without any concerns about the data. 

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Usage of seat configuration data

In the realm of flight ticket booking applications, the seat selection feature stands out as a key element. It offers customers insightful details about how seats vary across different price ranges and classes. Moreover, it provides a visual representation of the airplane’s layout, highlighting the locations of windows, emergency exits, and lavatories. This is made possible through the integration of the Airplane Seat Map API. This feature is immensely valuable not only to individual airlines’ booking systems but also to third-party travel planning applications and travel agencies. It caters to a diverse array of customer preferences, from those seeking cost-effective options to those desiring a more luxurious travel experience, by allowing them to make informed choices about their seating based on a comprehensive understanding of the airplane’s interior arrangement.

Aviation APIs and Databases

Aviation Edge essentially offers two types of APIs: dynamic and static database-based. The dynamic category includes popular APIs such as Flight Schedules and Flight Tracker, while the static category encompasses databases for aircraft, airports, airlines, and many other types. The Airplane Seat Configuration API primarily falls under the static data category, as changes are infrequent. However, should new aircraft models be introduced or significant alterations occur in existing ones, we promptly update our database.

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