Airport Weather API

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Aviation Edge Weather API has real-time and forecast data. METAR reports offer current weather updates at airports, and we enhance these reports with tagged annotations to highlight existing conditions and potential hazards affecting aviation, while TAF delivers an in-depth weather forecast specifically for the area surrounding an airport, typically spanning a period of 9 to 12 hours

  • TAF
  • barometer
  • clouds
  • wind
  • humidity
  • visibility
  • Temperature

Airport Weather API Output - Developer Information

Choose between the METAR or TAF endpoints, use the ICAO or IATA parameter to identify the desired airport, and instantly retrieve the weather data.

  • Barometer: atmospheric pressure, given in different units such as inches of mercury (hg), hectopascals (hpa), kilopascals (kpa), and millibars (mb)
  • Clouds: current sky condition, along with a specific cloud code
  • Elevation: the elevation of the airport in feet and meters above sea level
  • Humidity: the percentage of moisture present in the air
  • Station: the location of the weather station, including geographical coordinates and a description of the location
  • Temperature: in both Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • Visibility: reported in miles and meters
  • Wind:  direction (degrees) and speed in kilometers per hour (kph), knots (kts), miles per hour (mph), and meters per second (mps)

Sources and Process

One of the most important features of the Airport Weather API is its ability to provide real-time, or near-real-time weather updates. The API gathers its data from a combination of official meteorological sources, especially from airport weather stations. These stations are equipped with various sensors and instruments to measure atmospheric conditions, including barometers for pressure, anemometers for wind speed, and hygrometers for humidity. The raw data from these sources undergoes processing and standardization by Aviation Edge to ensure consistency and accuracy. 

Response Example

“airport_icao”: “KLAX”,
“airport_name”: “Los Angeles International Airport”,
“metar”: “KLAX 231850Z AUTO 27015KT 10SM FEW025 18/12 A3010”,
“barometer”: {
“inHg”: 30.10,
“hPa”: 1019.4,
“kPa”: 101.94,
“millibar”: 1019.42
“sky_condition”: [
“cloud_coverage”: “FEW”,
“description”: “Few clouds”
“airport_elevation”: {
“elevation_ft”: 125,
“elevation_m”: 38
“weather_category”: “VFR”,
“air_humidity”: {
“humidity_percent”: 67
“observation_time”: “2023-11-23T18:50:00”,
“weather_station”: {
“geo_coordinates”: {
“longitude”: -118.4085,
“latitude”: 33.9416
“station_location”: “Los Angeles, California, United States”,
“station_type”: “Airport”
“air_temperature”: {
“temp_c”: 18,
“temp_f”: 64
“sight_distance”: {
“visibility_mi”: “10”,
“visibility_mi_float”: 10.0,
“visibility_m”: “16,000”,
“visibility_m_float”: 16000.0
“wind_conditions”: {
“wind_direction”: 270,
“wind_speed_kph”: 28,
“wind_speed_knots”: 15,
“wind_speed_mph”: 17,
“wind_speed_mps”: 8

Airport Weather API

Airport Weather API: METAR and TAF data

The Airport Weather API is essential for streamlining airport operations, offering precise, up-to-the-minute weather insights crucial for flight scheduling and runway management. It equips pilots and air traffic controllers with vital data to navigate and mitigate weather-related challenges.


The Weather API encompasses both METAR and TAF.

METAR reports deliver timely data about the current weather at an airport, enhanced with tagged annotations to highlight current conditions and potential hazards affecting aviation. 

TAF offers a precise forecast around an airport’s immediate area, usually spanning 9 to 12 hours, and occasionally more.

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