Flight Delay and Cancellation Reasons API

Access accurate data on the causes and durations of flight delays and cancellations

The Flight Delay Reasons and Fligh Cancellation Reasons API provides data on why and how long a particular flight is delayed. The API output includes information such as the flight identifier, the duration and reason for the delay, departure and arrival information, and status updates.

  • Flight identifier
  • Duration of delay
  • Reason of delay or cancellation
  • Departure and arrival infos
  • Status updates

Data included in the Flight Delay Reason API

Flight Identifier: number of Flight, IATA prefix with flight number and ICAO prefix with flight number

Delay Duration: how long the flight was delayed.

Reason for Delay:  weather conditions, technical issues, air traffic control decisions, security concerns, staffing problems…

Departure and Arrival : the scheduled, estimated and actual time of departure/arrival

Status Updates: real-time updates on the flight status, indicating if the flight is delayed, on time, or cancelled.

Sources and Process

Flight delay data comes directly from airports and airlines whenever possible. We also source data through our partnerships with various data providers in the aviation sector. This information is gathered using specialized software that facilitates our connection with each of our partners.


Delay and Cancellation Reasons API Output - Developer Information

Departure schedule of a certain airport:


Delayed flight arrivals on a certain airport on a certain date


Delayed flight departures on a certain airport on a certain date


For tracking individual flights


Response Example

“type”: “departure”,
“status”: “delayed”,
“delay”: {
“duration”: “61 minutes”,
“reason”: “Air traffic control restrictions due to weather conditions”
“departure”: {
“iataCode”: “JFK”,
“icaoCode”: “KJFK”,
“scheduledTime”: “2017-12-11T01:06:00.000”,
“estimatedTime”: “2017-12-11T01:06:00.000”,
“estimatedRunway”: “2017-12-11T02:07:00.000”,
“actualRunway”: “2017-12-11T02:07:00.000”
“arrival”: {
“iataCode”: “CVG”,
“icaoCode”: “KCVG”,
“scheduledTime”: “2017-12-11T03:38:00.000”,
“estimatedTime”: “2017-12-11T04:39:00.000”,
“estimatedRunway”: “2017-12-11T03:38:00.000”,
“actualRunway”: “2017-12-11T03:38:00.000”
“airline”: {
“name”: “Atlas Air”,
“iataCode”: “5Y”,
“icaoCode”: “GTI”
“flight”: {
“number”: “302”,
“iataNumber”: “5Y302”,
“icaoNumber”: “GTI302”

Flight Delay Reason and Flight Cancellation Reason API

Advancing Aviation: The Flight Delay Reasons API

The Flight Delay API sets our application apart by providing crucial, real-time data on flight delays. This API’s insights, including common delay causes like air traffic control issues, weather conditions, bird strikes, and mechanical problems, can be effectively used in various ways. They can enhance airport information displays, improve passenger notification systems, and bolster analytical efforts for better operational planning. Such detailed information extends beyond just informing passengers, it also offers valuable statistical data, streamlining overall flight and travel management processes

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Aviation Edge does not only focuses flight delays and cancellations but complete aviation data with many features that will amaze you! 

We aggregate our data from our multiple data partners around the world and present it to you via various APIs that each focus on a specific subject.

The APIs mainly include:

  • Static Data: Stable data which does not frequently change, such as information regarding a certain airport and/or airline.
  • Dynamic Data: Ever-changing data which is frequently in need of confirmation such as the flight-tracking itself and the airport schedules.

Both the static data and the dynamic data are updated at all times in accordance with the information constantly gathered in our database. 

Prefer the data as a file rather than via the API? The complete static data is available as separate standalone databases in Excel, SQL and CSV formats, too. All three are included in any purchase.

Current Databases, API Services and the How to Use

Aviation Edge currently provides its clients with Satellite Tracker API, Real-Time Flight Tracker API, Nearby Service API, Routes API, Schedules API, Autocompletion Service API as dynamic data; and Historical Schedules API, Airlines API, Airplanes API, Airport API, City API, Country API and Taxes API as static data.

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